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What You Should Know About Android Instant Apps

App Development

Apr 2017
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android instant apps
It is common knowledge that technology is constantly evolving. App development companies have upped the ante in android app development. In May 2016 at the Google’s I/O, it was disclosed that Android Instant apps have found their way back into the app world as the company commenced their testing with Buzzfeed, Viki, Periscope and Wish applications. 
Around the world, Android Instant Apps has captured the attention of many people particularly as it claims to make better prospects available for Android app developers as well as heighten the experience of end users.
The Android Instant App like any other tech trend requires additional work from the developer which will be needed in accessing unique device identifiers like Mac Address, IMSI, and IMEI push notifications and background services.
It is only after streaming the app to a device that users can begin to enjoy the benefit of modularizing the application.
Like other technological innovations, the primary objective of the app is to provide ease to users. But the question is: How well will the app be able to accomplish this objective? Consider the following facts.
1. Easy to Access
easy to access
Users can access the instant apps through links. When you click on the link, you will simply be taken to a mobile web space where you can have access to the features of the app. No doubt, this will enhance your experience especially as you can bypass the entire course of searching and installing the mobile application. 
2. Manage space
The Android Instant Apps will allow users to save enough space on their smartphone. They can delete unimportant app downloads just to find the right application. It is expected, however, that enterprises and developers will not only create applications that will enhance user experience but also utilize less space without altering the features. 
3. Enjoy more creativity
enjoy more creativity
The developers are now aware that users possess the right to judge the app before installation. Hence, they aim at building creative applications. Developers are expected to come up with a ‘lite’ version of applications that offers better user experience and efficient service. 
4. Confirm Before Using
Instead of installing the app first to find out its usability, users now have the freedom to check out the features of the app before installing for future use. If you are satisfied with the features, you can download the app. This is of great benefit to users because it gives them the power to choose the application that suits their needs. On the other hand, the app developers from mobile app company benefit from a stable retention rate. This is so because the application will only be downloaded by those who are satisfied with its features and consequently the chances of ditching the application will diminish.
5. Easy to share
easy to share
With the help of a link, the Instant app allows users to share applications with others. Your friends do not have to surf through a massive list just to find a particular app. They are also not required to install another app to share an app. The instant app makes application sharing very easy. 
6. Conserve Time While Searching
To download a mobile app, users often have to go through a time-consuming searching process. But with Instant apps, all you need to do is Google the application, and you will quickly spot it under the app section. Alternatively, you can just click on the app link and open in the app store or browser.
Mobile app development today

Mobile app development, having seen tremendous growth in recent years, has created a lot of job opportunities. It has been able to attract a lot of professionals and businesses to itself as a result of the growth rate and outreach capacity.
Companies, business owners, and professionals are seeking capable people with the technical know-how about how mobile apps work, how they are created and how they are managed for any business enterprise. Mobile developers differ with regards to their skill sets, experience, and abilities. Some choose to work specifically on a platform, and they do it so well and get the professional mastery of that platform they have chosen to work with.
The average age of mobile app developers is 33, and at least 2/3 of mobile developers have been in the industry for no less than two years. Most mobile app developers are new to the business A lot of these developers have a lot to offer their employers and clients, and they do what they must to stay in line with the new trends in the industry and to better reach out to the customers and clients with the apps they create.
Reasons for venturing into mobile app development can change from person to person. Mobile app developers tend to aim for platforms that attract funding. At the top of that list is iOS, Android, and mobile web. The majority of mobile app developers are males with less than 10% identifying as females. 
On a global level, Android is the most popular mobile app platform followed by iOS. Developers with experiences on these platforms can be found all across India.
Mobile Apps cover different categories. Categories such as games, entertainment, business and productivity tools, utility, education, and lifestyle tend to be a top priority for developers because of the number of users it attracts and how apps like that help the majority of mobile app users coordinate different affairs in their lives.
For apps to be successful, lots of marketing is needed. And app developers play a significant role as well as marketers in a mobile app development company. There are several motivators mobile app developers have when they take up an app project, and they include, money and funding, the fun of app building and creativity within are the top motivators. But just like any other job, task or project challenges occasionally arise.
Mobile app developers agree and point out marketing as their most challenging area of their mobile app development process, and it is easy to see why. With millions of apps in the app market, and sometimes finding several applications that serve the same purpose, it becomes rather difficult to introduce a new mobile app to even a fraction of the intended target audience. Marketing plays a very significant role in any app success. App developers now have resources with the method and means to advertise for them with little cost.
The future of mobile app development is filled with potential battles for customers and developers. Wearable products seem closer to everyone’s reach than there were a few years ago, and use of products like these is on the rise. As the future seem to tend towards life’s activities being monitored by mobile devices, wearable products and the likes of them, the value of mobile developers can only continue to expand.
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