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White Label App Development Can Be More Lucrative Than Custom Apps

App Development

Dec 2020
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white label app development can be more lucrative than custom apps
There is no doubt that custom app development is more preferable and a better way to grow your business, but the problem is not everyone can afford it or have so much time. White label app development is a way out for small & medium scale businesses to develop their mobile apps without spending a huge sum of money. Therefore, as a mobile app development company, if you have a client who is short on budget and time, you should consider partnering with a reliable white label app development company.
White label app development companies have super experienced developers & designers who can build superior quality apps without branding. These companies do the backend, Coding & design, creating apps in rapid turnaround times and impressively affordable prices. After that, you can buy that app, customize the design & branding, and sell it to your customers.
There are several benefits of reselling white label apps instead of building them. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. Before we move on to the advantages of white label apps, let’s first learn in detail what it is.
What Are White Label Apps?
White label apps is an arrangement wherein apps are developed by one company and later customized and marketed by another company as their apps. This concept facilitates brands to grow their business and gain competitiveness without spending an extravagant sum of money.
White label app development facilitates brands to quickly grow a service outside of their expertise, without the skill-set necessary to develop the technology and infrastructure.
White label apps are technically ready-made templates that allow an easy way into the digital sector.
Below are the reasons that describe the benefits of partnering with white label app developers to render apps to your clients. Let’s get started!
1. No Need To Learn Coding
A growing number of businesses seek to add a mobile app as a service to their clients for their convenience and smooth business operations. In short, they are requisite to the companies.
Selling apps to such young enterprises at competitive rates is a good deal, indeed. And with a reputed white label app development company supporting you, you can easily sell apps to several businesses without writing one line of code.
Choosing the right white label app developer to do the Coding for you, you can develop quality apps that can beat custom apps at all levels. This would let you target the rich businesses that want quality apps. With adequate knowledge & research about your client, you can customize the app to reflect their branding and business aesthetics & voice.
2. Spend More Time Networking & Growing Your Clientele
spend more time networking and growing your clientele
Developing excellent apps involves thorough attention to detail, involving best practices for clean scripting code, enhancing, iterating, and innovating. Therefore, already overloaded with tasks, developers have no time to do marketing.
While an app reseller doesn’t have to code, they can invest time bringing new business every day, convincing them to purchase the app. They can seek clients who need apps, connect with small & medium scale businesses, sell new companies on using apps to expand their businesses, and much more.
The higher the number of clients you have, the more clients you attract, and your turnover from reselling apps.
White label app development enables you to grow your market and sell to more clients, earning in the process.
3. White Label App Development Is More Affordable
Custom app development with an in-house team can be costly, at times 1000s of dollars for a medium-feature app. Thus, after developing such an expensive app, you need to sell it at higher prices to your clients to recover your costs and pay your team. And it is genuinely challenging to find clients ready to pay such a massive sum for your custom app than finding ones for a reasonable white label app.
2020 has been a transformational year. In light of the Covid-19, people have become addicted to online shopping like never before. Any merchant who could render an online shopping facility promptly became the preferred sellers over others.
This move to digitalization has made it more compelling for businesses to offer their customers mobile app services. However, these retailers and companies can afford costly custom apps.
By reselling white-label apps, you can appeal to this vast & diverse ecosystem of small businesses just stepping into the mobile apps world. You can render affordable mobile apps customized to each client.
4. Custom App Development Comes With Too Many Admin Challenges
Surely you aren’t that rare genius who can design apps, write code, and manage everything else, or else you will need to do many logistically challenging tasks.
If you want to develop apps for clients, you will need to recruit experts with diverse skills like designing, developing, testing, and management. You need to either rent/buy an office space or manage the pitfalls of remote teams. You need to continually work on upskilling yourself and your team, keep up-to-date on mobile app design & app development trends, and much more. The learning process won’t cease.
Segmenting your time & efforts into development & marketing can be highly conflicting. However, you can eliminate these hassles and serve your clients with a well-founded white label app development company that has developed apps for years.
5. Be More Adaptable
be more adaptable
Building apps can often lead to becoming limited to a specific niche or market. You can invest all your energy and skills to develop one or two kinds of apps.
Suppose you build eCommerce apps and become somewhat good at it; you might come across a customer who requires internal communications apps for their business, or a B2B app, or a SaaS app. You might find yourself in an uncharted zone here and start re-considering your commitment to this business.
With a professional app development company having a long & diverse experience, you can confidently negotiate with all these clients and more.
The Bottom Line
If your strength lies in marketing and reselling, you should definitely do this instead of spending your life behind computer programming codes.
White label app development has become a super versatile industry that makes reasonable apps that are appealing, functional, and robust. You can offer your clients a rich-feature app that looks and works at the highest standards at an affordable rate.
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