Why Android Mobile Apps Are Blessings To This Generation

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If you think of all the wonderful applications for Android os, you will realize that the advent of mobile devices and Android apps are the greatest blessings of this generation. To buttress the point, this article will outline a few applications of android apps which developed by app development companies
Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be addicted to their mobile devices these days? It is because there are a whole lot of things that they can do on it. There are apps for virtually every function. The industry that is really enjoying the use of mobile apps the most is the gaming industry. There are so many games that are highly addictive and immersive with super-stunning graphics. No matter the kind of games you like, you will get your favorite. 
However, apart from games, mobile apps have been put to a lot of applications and some of them have been outlined right below. 
Virtually all the new home appliances now come with their mobile apps. Latest refrigerators now have their own apps through which you can control them whether you are at home or not. The same thing is applicable to air conditioning units. They now come with their apps. You can control it from its app.
Even ovens come with their apps now. The major advantage is that you can place food in the oven and go elsewhere. You can control it from anywhere. Some people usually place their food in their oven before they leave home. And on their way back home, they will turn on the oven to warm or cook the food. That way, it will be ready by the time they get home. They won’t have to wait before they eat their meal.
Banks now have apps
Every bank now has its own banking app. What makes this remarkable is that apps are beneficial to customers and the banks too. Starting with the customers, with your banking app, you can conveniently check your account balance, pay your utility bills, confirm deposits, and transfer funds. You can do all these at any time of the day from any location as long as there is internet connection on your device.
Banks make money too because some of the services are not free. For instance, it will cost some money to transfer funds from your account to another one. The second advantage of apps to banks is that less people now hit the banking hall and this also means that banks can make do with fewer hands – lower operating cost.
Forex apps
All Forex brokers now have trading apps through which people can trade on the go. If not for the advent of mobile apps, people will still be staying glued to their computers for hours because they are trading. Now they can trade on their phone on the go. That means they can be in a vehicle or train and still be trading. 
This advancement has attracted several new traders who initially shied away from it because they cringed at having to remain in front of their computers all through the day.
Messenger apps
There are several messenger apps like Facebook chat, WhatsApp, and BBM. Instantaneity is the reason people are attracted to these apps. It takes just 2 to 5 seconds for your message to be delivered. It has gone beyond just sending text now. You can send videos, pictures, and even files. Recently WhatsApp launched a feature that will allow you to attach a file to a message. 
The most important feature is the video call. You can call someone from another continent and both of you will see each other as long as both devices have a front camera. People have embraced it so much that traditional telecommunication service providers now have to step up their game to compete with these apps.
Document apps
There are document apps with which you can open documents like MS Word file or Excel files on your mobile device. This is why a lot of people can now view mail attachment on their smartphones. It is made possible by certain apps.
File transfer files
Gone are the days when the only two means of file transfer from one device to another were Bluetooth and Infrared. They are very slow. Now, there are apps with which you can send multiple files in a flash. Good examples are Xender and Flash-Share. One funny thing was that about a decade ago, people thought transferring files through Bluetooth was the “bomb”. But now, it has become obsolete to transfer files through Bluetooth. In fact, smartphones no longer come with Infrared facility because it is useless.
Flashlight apps
As long as your mobile phone camera has flash, you can use it as a flashlight. It is just a matter of downloading one of the numerous flashlight apps. It means that your phone plays the role of a radio, a TV set, a music player, and a flashlight. Why won’t you be addicted to your phone?
Educational apps
There are so many educational apps now. Some have both free and paid materials and some of them offer completely free materials. The commonest ones are Amazon Kindle, Google Playbook, Khan Academy, and even Wikipedia app. Most of the materials on Playbook and Kindle are not free but Khan Academy and Wikipedia offer completely free resources. In fact, Khan Academy offers more than 20,000 free academic materials and more are still being uploaded. This is why college students, university students, and both teachers and lecturers make use of the huge free educational database.
Dating apps
There are so many dating apps and the most popular of them all is Tinder. Ever since dating apps emerged, the use of dating sites began to shrink. In fact, some serious dating sites have begun to develop their own apps too.
Smart wallet apps
There are smart wallets available now. Once you purchase any of the wallets, you must also install its app. The wallet communicates with you through its app. You simply cannot forget it. Once you move up to 50 meters away from your smart wallet, you will get a text reminder because the wallet will assume that you have forgotten it. Smart wallets also have all other functions but these functions all depend on its mobile app.
The applications mentioned above are just a few of them. There are more applications of mobile apps and more are still in the pipeline. So, the mobile app is nothing but a great blessing to this generation.

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