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Why Do E-Commerce Projects Need Mobile App Development


Dec 2018
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ecommerce app development
Gadget - the shortest path to the heart of the customer
While stationary computers and laptops are increasingly needed mainly for work and games, a smartphone or tablet along with keys and a wallet becomes an extension of a person. 
A strong psychological connection is established between the gadget and its owner.
The global spread of mobile technologies and wireless Internet forms a desire among consumers to buy in several tapes on a touch screen, easily and quickly. OuterBox, a mobile app developer of e-commerce sites, shared the results of a study of online purchases in the USA: of 125 million Americans with smartphones, 62% made purchases online during the last six months (figures are relevant at the beginning of May 2017), and a third of all purchases on holidays in 2015 was made through the phone. Holidays and promotions increase consumer activity. With reference to the Adobe report: The US Black Friday, which took place in November 2016, brought in $3 billion, $1.2 billion of which came from mobile transfers.
Have you noticed the growing number of e-commerce applications? This is not the case for some reason. The mobile commerce market is experiencing more exciting growth every day. Mobile commerce is expected to spend 31% this year. Mobile commerce accounts for 34% of all e-commerce transactions. So it's no wonder, we advise you app development companies today.
Apps developed by top app development companies can increase your conversion rate tremendously. One of the reasons behind this is the push notifications. It allows business to regularly display its latest promotions to its clients through mobile devices. You can be absolutely sure that they will see. You can customize your push notifications to ensure the interests of your customers.
Online shopping started with computers. Right now, it is more common to make purchases on phones than on computers. Even though online shopping via the web has proven effective, there are many benefits of promoting your app. The first thing people use in the morning is their mobile devices. Checking messages, and catching up on news or scanning via Twitter. Mobile devices such as tablets are also able to replace most of the features of computers.
Your success from mobile apps

Conversion rate
conversion rate
This is one of the most popular e-Commerce metrics. Amazon's research claims that even a 1% increase brings thousands of dollars. Studies demonstrate that at each stage of the conversion funnel from examining the product to confirming the purchase, the number of customers withheld by the application is dramatically greater than in the browser.
User return
If your business is positioned through a mobile application, then expect new users to come again. According to statistics, the return to the app is twice as often as on a mobile site. 
Push notification
Push notification has become an important tool for informing customers about what is happening with your brand. The launch of the action, the arrival of the long-awaited product, the opening of a store near the house and many other events are accompanied by pushing. Due to geo-targeting and received personal data, notifications can be made individually for a specific user or targeted at a specific group of users.
Native payments
Against the background of the introduction of payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay, the need to use not only cash but also a credit card is reduced - the payment amount is deducted from its “digital twin”, which does not reveal the original card details to anyone. As a result, purchases are fast and secure.
Mobile Deep Linking
With Deep Linking technology, your marketing foundation is strengthened. When you want to tell clients about promotions and send SMS and emails to users with a link to the details, then when they click on the link, they get to the exact screen of the application.
Integration in social networks and instant messengers
social media integration
People like to show off on social networks: new clothes, places of rest, how and where they spend their time. By installing sharing buttons in your application to other popular applications, you will attract the attention of their friends who do not know about you with the help of loyal users.
E-Commerce offers many advantages
E-commerce is a competitive business environment and the key to success lies in the small moments. There are times when a customer remembers a product that is needed or decides to buy that dress. Mobile apps offer fast transaction to fulfill those moments of desire to buy a product. Web applications become better with the improvements brought by HTML5, but still, it cannot yet provide the full user experience. E-commerce mobile apps can use the data that's available to them or communicate with different apps on the device like Facebook, Twitter or even the camera feature.
There are some disadvantages to developing a mobile e-commerce application as well. Providing outstanding security requires you to update the mobile app regularly. This is a burden for both businesses and consumers. It is expensive to develop an app and you will have to spend money to implement the new updates as well. Since every day there is news in Google or Apple, your mobile applications will have to catch up with them as well. Your customer will have to update the mobile e-commerce application frequently as well. If customers neglect updates, it can create security vulnerabilities or degrade the user experience. 
To remain competitive, your brand must have not only a website that supports the most popular operating systems, mobile browsers, and their versions but also a mobile application, because:
- Users of the application are better involved in the purchase process and are willing to spend more money;
- Stimulation of the desire to buy occurs through timely and relevant push-notifications, best of all - personalized;
- With Google Pay and Apple Pay, the online payment phase is reduced to one click, which reduces the time to think to a minimum.
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