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Why Is The Cloud Apps One Of The Best Developments Ever?


Aug 2020
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why is the cloud apps one of the best developments ever
Mobile app downloads are increasing every day as we know it. Mobile app developers have created too many awesome apps for us to get moving with. Statista reports that there are above 5 million apps available between the Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store. They are not created in the same manner, though.
Earlier, mobile apps have been native. Therefore, users had to install these apps on their smartphones to work. Native apps are even designed for particular platforms like Android devices or iOS. However, this has given rise to the cloud apps, and for good. Cloud apps dwell on servers and get accessed through internet browsers.
For an app development company developing mobile apps, it would be great to start a cloud development process. It might seem daunting or baffling if it is your first time doing it.
Some of you might have built some native apps earlier as well, but now it’s good to consider cloud development. If you’re an amateur and you don’t know how to commence, this article will help you out in your journey.
Reasons to use Cloud mobile apps.
1. Launch on both operating systems at the same time
Cloud apps work both iOS and Android operating systems, unlike native apps that need specific development for both platforms. Hence, as a developer, your job gets simpler as it exposes your app to a broader audience. You don’t have to get confused about which one to build first, iOS or Android. You don’t have to ascertain which kind of device your target audience has before you start developing an app because it’s not relevant for your development decisions. However, you still need to understand your target audience and user behavior when you promote your app.
Launching your app on both the devices at a time will have significant advantages for your app. You can get more installs instantly and more users using your app, that will result in more money. You don’t have to stress about ignoring a part of the market.
2. Reduces costs
reduces costs
If you’ve developed a native app before, you know it is not the most costly investment you’ve made.
If you talk about the two operating systems, it takes typically 2-3 times longer to build native apps than iOS apps.
Anyone wanting to develop a native app for both platforms simultaneously has to be willing to spend more than double costs on development.
The appealing part of Cloud apps is that it keeps development costs lower. Moreover, you have to develop the app only once, and it works on both the platforms. Thus, this seems ideal for startups or other companies that don’t have much to spend on native apps.
Moreover, if you have enough funds and think long-term, do you have adequate funds to pay for app maintenance once it launches?
It is expensive to maintain a native app after only one year after launch. And if you have native apps on two platforms, that cost will double. Compared to this, cloud apps will save you a considerable amount of money, during, and post your app launch.
3. Save time
Time taken to develop an app depends on the app type and features, and the platform. You have to come up with a realistic development timeline based on the app type you are developing. Developing a native app can be a lengthy process.
If you consider adding specific features that are more intricate, this process can take somewhere between 6-12 months to develop. A few apps take more than a year to build before they are released.
Luckily, cloud apps don’t take such a considerable time to build, and you won’t have to go through this process again. Building a presence on both app stores with only one development version is very time efficient.
4. No need to download
There is no need to install the apps to the user’s smartphone to operate. Users can view the interface and use it on the mobile’s web browser.
While it’s not the same with native apps, native apps have to be downloaded on the users’ devices to work. Moreover, users who install native apps will have multiple versions and updates, depending on the type of device.
However, cloud apps act like a web-based app. These apps communicate directly with the cloud to get data. Hence, the app runs seamlessly and delivers an excellent user experience.
5. Safely store data
Native apps save data locally on the users’ devices. This approach can have several problems. The data can be lost easily or have errors and breakdowns with this framework.
There is less chance of data getting lost, once saved in the cloud. Hence, cloud apps provide a sense of security.
Another thing to consider is what type of data your app is storing. Based on the app type, it might be gathering and storing sensitive data about the users. If you’re collecting payments via the app, you’ll also have customer billing details on file. As a developer, it becomes your responsibility to secure your user’s information.
6. Database synchronization is smooth
database synchronization is smooth
For businesses to run their apps smoothly, they have to get synced with the database. This can be an intricate and lengthy procedure if you’re trying to sync this data with a native app.
Moreover, importing all of your database information to get linked with your app is totally going to take a lot of your time.
This integration process gets much more manageable with cloud apps because all the information can get synced via the cloud server.
7. Data recovery
If all the data is saved on the local server like native apps, what happens in the cases when the server gets destroyed due to fires, floods, or any disasters?
Anything can happen anytime. Hence, it would help if you had cloud apps. Cloud hosting your app means that all the data is saved on various servers and backed up. You know that even in unforeseen situations, your data is safe.
Final Words
As a developer, if your objectives include a safe and economical alternative to developing your app, consider the cloud app. It can save you lots of resources and time. It is the best bet for mobile app development companies to provide pleasant mobile app development services to their users and themselves.
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