Why WordPress Websites Are The Best For Small Businesses

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It is always better to hire a WordPress web development company for your website. Here are some of the reasons you should always hire a WordPress web development company
It is completely free
WordPress web development companies charge much less than other web developers because the platform is completely free to use. Whether you need a commercial blog or a commercial website, you can use WordPress for free. This is probably the reason about one-third of the websites on the net run on WordPress. 
It is open source
Another reason there are so many WordPress web development companies is that WordPress codes are open source. The codes can be edited for full customization. So, users have the liberty to modify the codes as it pleases them. 
Wide variety of functions
According to an executive of a highly successful WordPress web development company, there is virtually no function that you need for your website that WordPress does not have a plugin for. In fact, WordPress has more than 45,000 plugins and still counting. 
It is the best CMS
WordPress web development companies already know that it is not just the best and most popular CMS, it is also the most used. In fact, WordPress is used in about 60 percent of all the websites that use a content management system. Other popular CMS websites are Drupal and Joomla but neither of them comes close to WordPress.
It is ready to use
It does not require any rigorous configuration or set up. It is ready to use as soon as you install it. Virtually all other facilities that you may need are already included in the onetime installation. For example, integration of media feeds and comments are already installed as well.
WordPress websites are search engine friendly
WordPress websites are usually ranked higher than others by search engines like Bing and Google because their CMS framework is much easier for search engine spiders to crawl. In fact, a Google executive personally endorsed WordPress in 2009.
WordPress websites are usually compatible with a lot of third-party applications. So, when your website is developed with WordPress, you may never run into any compatibility issue. Secondly, such websites work well with virtually every browser no matter how old the version is. For instance, several websites may have problems with very old versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer but WordPress websites will load perfectly on the browsers.
Safety and security
Another reason to consider WordPress web development is safety and security. The platform is not only safe and secure, its security features are constantly updated and upgraded regularly. This puts it several steps ahead of hackers and cybercriminals. However, you also need to thread with caution to avoid downloading plugins from untrusted sources. In fact, it is better to download plugins only when you are directly logged into WordPress itself. 
Easy customization
WordPress has so many free plugins and themes that everyone can get a unique combination of them. So, you can customize your website and make it as unique as possible. Although it also has several paid themes, you are good with the free ones. You can use the free themes as they are and you can decide to customize them as it pleases you. You are in full charge of your WordPress website literarily.
Mobile friendliness
The world has gone mobile as more than 93 percent of internet users access the internet via mobile devices. So, it is no longer an option to have a mobile-friendly website, it is a must now. In fact, any organization whose website is not mobile friendly is not better than an organization that does not have a website. 
To make it even worse, Google now penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. With a WordPress website, you don’t need to bother about the mobile-friendliness since all websites developed with WordPress are automatically mobile friendly. 
WordPress websites are also very easy to use. Visitors no longer spend up to 2 minutes on websites before leaving them. So, if users find your website difficult to understand, they will likely drop off in less than 2 minutes. This is another reason you should consider WordPress. Remember, being intuitive is part of being user-friendly.
Multimedia support
The most attractive sites are the ones with a lot of videos and audios. No website manages multimedia like WordPress websites. You can easily upload multimedia files on your WordPress websites by adding embeddable codes via the HTML areas. If you upload multimedia on other websites, it will slow them down and visitors will be turned off.
Assistance from community of developers
There are a lot of website developers that use WordPress and so, the platform has numerous online communities. There is virtually no challenge that you will run into that someone has not encountered earlier. So, whatever challenge you encounter, online communities will be too eager to assist you. 
Hosting compatibility
WordPress websites are compatible with all hosting facilities. Your WordPress website can be hosted by any hosting company and most importantly, you can easily move your website from one host to another seamlessly if you are not satisfied with your web host.
However, despite all the superior features of WordPress, you may not enjoy your WordPress website if it is hosted on a low-quality server. Your choice of web host is also important to the performance of your website. It is important to consider some of the following requirements before selecting your web host.
You need a company that can offer at least a 99.5 percent uptime with incredibly fast servers. In other words, you need a web host with a very high redundancy rate. Remember that each time your website encounters a downtime, it could be a visitor’s first time of visiting your website. It is needless to remind you that first impression last much longer.
24/7 availability
You should also consider a web host that will be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Remember that visitors will be visiting your site 24 hours a day. So, every issue must be fixed as quickly as possible. You don’t want to report a problem on Friday evening and have it fixed on Monday.
You also need to consider experience. You are better off with a web hosting company that has been in operation for years. You are likely to get the best services from old companies. The age of a company is also a sign of its quality service as no company can exist for years with poor services. 

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