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Xamarin - A Helpful Framework To Reduce The App Development Cost

App Development

Dec 2020
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xamarin - a helpful framework to reduce the app development cost
What is your definition of an ideal app? An excellent app idea, a remarkable technology used for turning an idea into reality, fantastic use of UI for UX, regular bug fixing & updates, and marketing! These are the basics of mobile app development & its success.
However, it is more profound than just this. Mobile app development is a process that includes numerous technical processes, too to come up with the right solution. However, the essential factor goes to the technologies used.
Several famous frameworks are available for app development, such as Reach Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and others. Top app developers 2020 are highly used due to reusable code features for the two platforms- Android and iOS while decreasing the project's duration, time, and market cost.
All these app platforms have their share of strengths & weaknesses as per the app type. However, here all we'll talk about is the Xamarin framework's benefits and the popular apps that have implemented it. It has secured its position among app developers for cross-platform development. Apart from features, how does Xamarin help in decreasing the app development cost?
Without further delay, let's get started!
How does Xamarin Help In Lessening the App Development Cost?
Xamarin renders tried & true solutions to a vast number of brands & organizations. It was first launched in 2011, and in 2016, Microsoft took its ownership. Due to its prevalence, it is user-friendly than other known cross-platform app development technologies. Top companies like Fox Sports, Coca Cola, The World Bank, and Pinterest are famous apps using Xamarin.
Reusable Codes
This platform will decrease app development costs by providing access to reuse code for iOS and Android app versions.
Xamarin lets developers reuse over 75% of the app's logic & UI for developing iOS & Android app versions while reducing the Xamarin cost & development time, thus providing total native API coverage. It allows creating different apps in one time period.
The reusable feature enables building two different apps using the same code, easily decreasing the Xamarin cost for app development.
App Maintenance
Xamarin helps in decreasing app development cost by simplifying app maintenance via Xamarin Forms.
Any feature included or alterations made to the iOS or Android apps are informed continuously. As only a single codebase is used, saving Xamarin cost for app development is quite evident.
With the Xamarin Forms, the app developers can simplify the development & maintenance process simultaneously while focusing on the process strategically.
Reduces Market Time
reduces market time
As different apps need different teams for maintaining & enhancing the app performance, which leads to the slower app development process. This can be mitigated by choosing Xamarin. Xamarin enables the use of one team for both the apps and thus increases the development process.
Other than that, the single code base lessens the complexity related to the native app development as developers are not needed to handle various codebases, methodologies, languages, toolkits like native apps.
The quicker the development process will be, the quicker will be the time to market. Moreover, using it does not compromise the app quality.
Once the app is live & deployed to the market, the cost of modifications, resolving issues, and removing bugs are also affordable as the software logic is shared.
App's Native Look & Feel
Xamarin enables apps to share visual elements. During the starting period of the Xamarin launch, developers can leverage only some part of the codebase for developing iOS & Android apps, but the visual aspects have to be built separately.
Due to the Forms' improvement, Xamarin now enables developers to share visual elements too with a UI toolkit making a familiar interface.
One of the benefits of this framework is that it provides the same look and feel to the app for different platforms using reusable codes, but the app quality & functionality remains the same.
Productive Framework
Xamarin does not need tailored components, which results in decreasing the time for building the apps.
The latest version of Xamarin concentrates on the development of unique components, helping developers invest less time in building & customizing elements.
Moreover, as Xamarin shares the code, more teams & people can engross in the same & see what happens. And when more people are determined to find a solution for a specific issue, the results are always the best.
Famous Apps Using Xamarin
Storyo – Video Story Creator
One of the famous apps using Xamarin is Storyo, which allows users to develop videos using pictures and then present them with image metadata such as the time, place, and contextual information. The app is displayed on various platforms with access to 170 nations.
The World Bank- Survey Conducting app
The bank was previously conducting surveys using legacy paper & conventional methods, which were both - time-consuming & inconvenience. Hence, the app made for the World Bank is developed using Xamarin, gathering lots of individual data on tablets, keeping confidentiality high.
Olo – Online Food Ordering Platform
Olo is another famous app that is a custom-brand platform for more than 150 restaurants making the food ordering experience smooth while delivering to more than 30 million users.
Insightly- CRM & Project Management
This is one of the famous apps using Xamarin with more than 200k mobile app installs helps the company do better business while informing the sales team with every information for closing the deals.
With Xamarin, the company delivered native-like performance while sharing 65% of iOS platforms and Android code.
How is Xamarin a Cost-Effective Solution?
how is xamarin a cost effective solution
Compared to plenty of cross-platform technologies available, Xamarin got its unique place due to its diversity & offering an efficient solution.
The technology saves time while lessening the cost by developing the same codebases for iOS and Android. Moreover, with the recent and advanced version of Xamarin, developers can use the same codebase for visual elements too.
The process of maintenance is more straightforward with it, effective and productive, resulting in decreasing the cost.
Xamarin is the top preference for developers for cross-platform app development.
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