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In today’s mobile phone market one of the celebrated and alluring consumer goods is an iPhone, an exclusive product of Apple Inc. Which has ruled the world and the heart of the teenagers. Apple’s iPhone is not just merely a phone, instead it has become a brand, a youth's style icon and the latest trend to be followed. Commencement of iPhone has divided the world into the 1) Iphone users and 2) Non – iPhone user's.


The trend is going so catchy on positive sides that people who don't adopt are eager to own and the people who have already holds it wants something more out of it. Of course, there is strong reason behind such popularity and fan following. The first and the foremost thing is Quality which iPhone maintained over years! As it has maintained its quality and fan following it promises successful future!


Let's get an insight how successful iPhone predicted it's future and what we can expect to get more out of it.


1) Augmented and Virtual Reality


It is one of the newest and upcoming trends to be expected in iPhone smart-phones. As the demand of 3D shows and movies are in trend, the next big trend to be expected is 3D apps, in ios phones. iPhone future will see a major jump in the domain of AR and VR.

2) Cloud – Driven Apps


Cloud based iPhone apps will rule the market in upcoming years. It will allow versatile ios developers to shrink the app size that let user sync the app with manifold devices and because of cloud compatibility.

3) Smart Device Compatibility


Having iWatch launched by apple we can expect many more devices by apple in upcoming years. As the iPhone app development is elevating and focusing on healthcare and wearable options all these available application would be synchronic on all platforms along with compatibility of the device.


4) NFC Enabled Device


NFC is one of the upcoming technologies that is generally used for transfer of data. With option "touch to pay" made available in the market today, the ios app deployed in the market are expected to be NFC enabled.

5) Internet Of Things (IoT)


IoT is already grabbing its popularity among all app developers over the world. The idea that controls multiple devices that eliminate the need of physical present is something that is tracting attraction in everyone's eyes. Such iOS apps will be in demand in near future.

6) Beacons & WIFI Services


The difference between online and offline has collapsed, thanks to beacons technology. Apple is the topmost company to integrate such tech into iPhone. Beacons & location based WiFi will permit iOS app developers for better app development.


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