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People from all over the world want to party with whom just haven’t met them yet. Then Block party is the best option for them. Block party is a social app that connects party people to the party host. With a rating and review system to ensure quality. Hosts can customize the party and choose whom they want to invite. Users can chat, post pics and videos, make friends and much more. Rate and review will be possible for joined and host people after the party completed. All in one, it is the perfect mixture of a modern necessity for enjoyment and socialization.

Client Requirements

Well, In the app store, there are numerous social apps available. A client has decided to make a party finding app, after realizing there was a void in the party world! Hence, a client's app idea is to make something different through a social app where people can have fun in their free time with new people by attending & arranging parties. To unite each and everyone on a single platform for party, a client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to turn his idea into reality.

Colors & Typography

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Working On the Idea

At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we carried out an extensive requirement gathering point to understand the scope of the project and how our expertise can able to improve and refine the current idea. The idea of Block Party app was not just to create the party app but to create a platform that’s reliable, efficient and works with a few taps. We are in communication with the client during the development period to build the solution exactly as the client required. We developed a Block Party app where people can organize/attend parties, make new friends and much more. This application is developed for Android and iOS platforms and available in the English Language.


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  • Users can log in with username and password or log in with Facebook or Google.


  • User can signup by filling personal details or use facebook or Google for registration.

    Registration has two types Personal and Business
    Personal User - can post only parties
    Business User - can post only events

Forgot Password

  • Users can recover the password through email id.
create event

Find Party

  • Users can find nearby parties, also they can filter it by radios.

Join Party

  • Users can request to join party and he/she can post images and videos during party.


  • Users can communicate with other users using this functionality send messages to other users in the form of text, video, voice and image.

Post Party

  • Users can create own party or event by filling all the information regarding party.


  • Users can view his/her profile details.
  • Users can view liked parties by him/her self.
  • Users can view feed added by him/her self.
  • User can view his/her parties/event and joined parties
  • Users can view friend request and friend list. Also, they can accept or reject request, unfriend, block or report user. They can search for a new friend as well.


  • Users can edit profile details, view blocked users, nearby event(only personal type user).

Admin Panel Features

User Management:

  • View, edit and delete users details
  • Active/Inactive Users
  • Search by name, email, mobile, status

Club Request Management

  • View Club Details
  • Approve/Reject Club Requests

Feed Management

  • View Feeds

Contact us Management

  • View and Reply Users

CMS Page Management

  • Add/edit Page Content
admin panel
admin management


Maintain Quality Of Images & Video At Upload Time

Well, to integrated functionality of uploading and sharing image/video to Block Party is not that hard but the actual challenge is to allow users to upload a video with less memory with high quality. But with research and analysis, this functionality successfully implemented by compressing videos and images to the standard format. And this way, our developers maintained the image and video quality across multiple devices.



Android OS Support: Android 5.0 to 8.0

Development: Java using Android Studio

iOS OS Support: iOS 9.0 to 11.0

Development: Swift using Xcode

Technology: PHP, Node.js Framework

Database: MySQL

API: REST API in JSON format

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