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Chelan by the Glass

Washington Wine Tasting Guide App

wine tasting guide app
chelan by the glass


Chelan by the Glass is an app for a place called Chelan. This app is used to focus on tour guides as a business for wine tasting, and it is devoted to Chelan and Manson's breathtaking wine valley. Through this app, visitors can create their wine tasting tour with multiple choices. With Google Maps, Chelan by the Glass will lead the app user to even the most remote and quaint vineyards. Users can create a personal wine journal and rate your favorite wineries with reviews, leading to knowing the best wine place. Every business has its business panel with credentials, and they can change its details from the panel. Also, business persons can see user lists like who came their or who is coming. They have a unique feature that a business person can send direct notification to any user. Chelan by the Glass is an app for a wine lover.

Client Requirements

Lake Chelan's is a place where people usually go for wine tasting, but many people are not aware of the available businesses at Chelan. If they can create their business tours, it becomes effortless to find their location and taste different wine. So a client wanted to make an online platform that provides details of businesses in Chelan, and users can create an Itinerary with all those businesses. A client researched on multiple app development companies and finally came to Hyperlink InfoSystem to discuss his idea. We have developed the "Chelan by the Glass, Washington Wine Tasting guide" app to have fun, rate, discover, and enjoy different wine. People can peruse lodging, dining, boating, shopping, golfing, and many more activities with a swipe of your phone through a simple, friendly, and easy to use the app to create itinerary with businesses.



  • Users can log in or signup by filling necessary details and also social login (Facebook, Google)


  • Users see the main category and subcategory list of businesses
  • A business list will appear when users select the main category and subcategory item.
  • Users can search for the business by business name.


  • Users can view the full profile of a business
  • Users can add photos in the business library and also see the images which have uploaded by other people
  • Users can give the rate and review to the particular business


  • Users need to select a date to create an itinerary and add a business on a specific date where he/she want to visit the company and create an Itinerary.
  • Users can edit the itinerary by adding or removing business from the itinerary.

My Itinerary

  • Users can see the list of created itinerary.
  • Users can see a map view of the itinerary.
  • Users can edit or delete the whole itinerary.
  • Users can navigation any particular business of itinerary.

My Rating

  • Users can see the list of wineries and Wine Journal.
chelan by the glass

Highest Rated Wine

  • Users can see the highest rated wine list.


  • Users can view the list of notification.
  • Users can get notification from the business.


  • Users can change the password of an account.


  • Users can rate businesses and wine.

Guest User

  • Guest User can see only Main category list, subcategory list, and business list.
  • Guest users have only the right to view the app data, but it can not perform registered user related activity, like creating an itinerary, giving a rate, etc.
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Business Panel Features

    Profile Management

  • Businesses can set up their profile with personal details, time availability, and upload cover images.

Business Image Management

  • Business can view cover images.
  • Businesses can view gallery images uploaded by customers and delete that image if any user reports abuse.


  • Businesses can view all customers and itinerary details.


  • Businesses can send a notification to all users who allowed notification to them.
chelan by the glass app

Admin Panel Features

wine tasing application

    Customer Management

  • Admin can view, edit, delete customers details.
  • Active/Inactive customers


  • Admin can view, edit, delete category details.
  • Active/Inactive category details
  • Manage the sequence of categories which are displaying on the app.

Subcategory Management

  • Admin can view, edit, delete subcategory details.
  • Active/Inactive subcategory details
  • Manage the sequence of subcategories which are displaying on the app.

Business Management

  • Admin can view, add, edit and delete businesses.
  • Active/Inactive businesses

Slider Images

  • Admin can view, add, edit, delete slider images.
  • Active/Inactive slider images
  • Manage the sequence of slider images which are displaying on the app.

Home Tabs

  • Admin can view, add, edit, delete home tabs.
  • Active/Inactive home tabs
  • Manage the sequence of home tabs which are displaying on the app.
chelan by the glass



Android OS Support:
Android 5.1 to Android 9.0

Kotlin using Android Studio 3.3

Language Support:
English, Spanish


iOS OS Support:
iOS 10 to 12

Swift using Xcode

Admin Panel

Technology: PHP and Node.JS

Database: MySQL

API: REST API in JSON format