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Construction Area is an app for people who are looking for construction and building concerns! An app helps searches in every area which are linked to business and construction which gives complete details about upcoming commercial business activities, profiles of professionals & skilled workers; publishes the latest technology and advanced methods in construction and building elements. Promotions are also given to regular clients who patronize services from an app. An app is available in Arabic and English language. Moreover, you can read the blogs that are included in the page as they will surely enhance your knowledge and interests. An app is very ideal for businesses, professionals, workers, and individuals who are always at work and don’t want to waste their time with the hassles of everyday efforts. In an app, users can login as 3 types: Customers, Business owners, and Workers. Users can visit as a guest login also. Construction Area has everything you need for every building and construction needs


An app helps users to find the most trustworthy construction professionals and companies near them and globally.

Business Owners

If users have their own construction company or any company that’s into related to construction activity, an app allows them to generate quality leads by connecting with people who need their service the most.


An app is the best platform where workers can earn money by showing their skill, this will helps them to get more job.

Client Requirement

In this modern era and fast-paced lives, Construction Area team realized the lack of services related to building and construction. Their company doesn’t want this sector to be left behind. So, they want to help users to connect with the most reliable construction companies, construction workers, and construction events. After thinking such scenarios, the client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop an online platform which facilitating searches in all areas related to business and construction which provide complete information about business activities and profiles of professionals and skilled workers and allows direct communication among businesses, clients, professionals, and skilled workers. Moreover, construction business owners can provide good service to customers and If there’s a construction related event, then it will be curate the list of events that are most useful for Customers, Businesses, and Workers. By covering everything Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed a single app "Construction Area" which is easy to use & fulfill our client's every requirement. Construction Area is developed for Android and iOS platforms and available in English & Arabic Language.


engineer Construction Area – App Features

Sign up/Login

  • Customers have to select user login type Customer/Workers at the time of Sign up.
  • Login with Email & Password or Facebook.


  • If customers wants to get some information about any construction business or workers then they can tap any of them.

View Business details

  • View business list by categories like Engineering consultants office, paints, insulation, and flooring, tiles, ceramics, marble carpentry and much more.
  • Users can filter by subcategory.

View Business Profile

Users search for business activities and suppliers
Users can view the following business details,
  • Name
  • Address
  • Reviews & Rating
  • Branch Details
  • Business Blogs
  • Promotions (Discount Offers)
  • Email Id
  • Contact Number
  • Registration Number
  • Business Websites (If Available)
  • Location in Google Maps
  • Their Area of Services
  • Business Categories
  • Their Information
  • Business Hours Day Wise
  • Services Which They Provide
  • Social Media Information
  • Their Photos

Rate & Reviews

  • Customers can add ratings and reviews for businesses on basis of their experience.

View Workers Details

  • View workers list by categories like Plumber, Electrician, Painter, Render, Gardener, Welder and much more.
  • Users can filter by their subcategories like general, Inspector, Gas, Extension and others.
  • Get Service Provider list according to your filtration.
business listing app


  • Users can view promotions if any business has made some special offers.

View Workers' Profile

Customers can view following details of particular workers,

  • Name
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Contact Details ( Phone number & Whatsapp Number)
  • Photos
  • Country
  • Nationality
  • Their state
  • City
  • Particular Field ( Plumber, carpenter, etc..)
  • Specialized Field ( General, Inspector, etc..)
  • Some other specialization
  • Description
  • CV

Rate & Reviews

  • Customers can add ratings and reviews for workers on basis of their experience.


  • Customers can read informative blogs regarding new technologies or anything regarding construction.
  • Customers can like, comments and share on other social media websites or apps.


  • If any event will be going to happen then users can see events details like it's starting date to ending date with proper address.


  • Customers can edit profile, change a password and view some Tutorials.
  • Customers can change their app language English to Arabic or Arabic to English by given toggle button.
construction area app

engineer Advanced Features of Business Owners, Workers & Guest

Business Owner Features:


  • Any business owners have to sign up from a website.
  • After the process of sign up users can login to an app.

Add Business details

  • Add Branch Name, City, and Location
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • 1) Blog Details
    • Add Blog with Banner and Content
    • View your all past Blogs
    2) Promotions
    • Users can add promotion with photo, title, discount, code, and Description of that promotion.
    3) Contact Information
    • Add a Business name, email, registration number, contact number, business website, location
    4) Add Area of Services
    • Users can add 3 Types of business categories & their sub Categories.
    5) About Business
    • Add some description about your business
    6) Select Business Hour
    • Users can set their business hours as per day wise.
    7) Add Services
    • Add services like Pay with visa, Translation, Technical support, Design, Training, delivery, Packing, Shipping, Design, Inspection, Elevator, etc..
    8) Social Media
    • Users can add a Username of Social media like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat
    9) Add Photos
    • Users can add their business photo so customers can get a better idea of their business work.
    10) Set Status
    • Set status available to busy by a simple tap.
app for construction business


  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • Set status of your availability to Available to Busy by a simple tap on a button.
  • Add Personal Detail like name, contact number( phone number & Whatsapp number), country, nationality, State and city.

Add Field

  • Workers have to select field like plumber, painter, render, etc..

Add Specialized Field

  • If workers are selecting others then they need to specify.

Upload CV

  • Workers have an option to upload CV so service finder can get better information about them.

Guest Features

  • If users don't want to login then they can visit as a guest.

Add Your Business

  • When you tap on Get Started button at the type users will redirect to Construction area website where you can Sign up.
app for building materials

engineer Website & Admin Panel Features


  • Users can change language of whole website English to Arabic or Arabic to English by toggle button.

Find Workers

  • View Categories of Workers

Filter Option

  • By Subcategories,
  • By Area: Country, Nationality, State and City
  • By Ratings
  • By Distance

Find Business

  • View Categories of Businesses

Filter Option

  • By Subcategories,
  • By Area: Country, Nationality, State and City
  • By Ratings
  • By Distance

View Promotions Details


  • Customers can read informative blogs regarding new technologies or anything regarding construction.

Event Details

  • If any event will be going to happen then users can see event details of that event like starting date to ending date with an address.

Add Business

  • Businesses can sign up through the website only.

Admin Panel

  • Admin should add any details in both Arabic & English Language.

Business User Management

  • Approve/Disapprove business user
  • Active/Inactive business user
  • View and Edit business user details
  • Add Branch for any particular business user
  • Export business user list in Excel sheet
  • Export branch list in Excel sheet

Workers Management

  • Approve/Disapprove Workers
  • Active/Inactive Workers
  • View and Edit Workers Details
  • Export Workers list in Excel Sheet

Suggested Category Management

  • Approve/Not Approve categories suggested by users.

Customer Management

  • Approve/Disapprove Customer
  • Active/Inactive Customer
  • View and Edit Customer
  • Export Customer list in Excel Sheet

Category Management

  • Active/Inactive Category
  • Add and Edit Category
  • Add and Edit Sub Category
  • Active/Inactive Sub Category
  • Export all Category/Sub Category list in Excel Sheet

Blog Management

    Admin Blog
    • Active/Inactive Blog Status
    • Add, View & Edit Blog Status
    • Export Blog Listing in Excel Sheet
    User Blog
    • Active/Inactive User Blog Status
    • Add, View & Edit User Blog Status
    • Export User Blog Listing in Excel Sheet

Promotion Management

    Admin Promotion
    • Active/Inactive Promotion Status
    • Add, View & Edit Promotion Status
    • Export Promotion Listing in Excel Sheet
    User Promotion
    • Active/Inactive Promotion Status
    • Add, View & Edit Promotion Status
    • Export Promotion Listing in Excel sheet

Event Management

  • Active/Inactive Event Status
  • Add, Edit and View Event Details
  • Export Event Details in Excel Sheet.

Website Content Details

    Testimonial Listing Management
    • Active/Inactive user say listing
    • Add/Edit user say listing
    Partner Listing Management
    • Active/Inactive Partner listing
    • Add/Edit Partner listing
    Manage Slider Image
    • Add and Delete Slider Image
construction area admin panel


Multiple Filter Option In Website

As client wanted to set filtering options to search business users and workers by specific location, subcategory, ratings and distance. To manage every filter in a single time, it's a challenging task for our web developers. After implementing some session and Ajax Key we have successfully implemented filter functionality that shows the result on the basis of user's requirement.

Manage website Direction During language selection

As we know the writing direction is different in English and Arabic Languages. As per this scenario, when user select English language from Arabic at that time every detail need to be changed instantly with proper direction. To manage text direction during language selection it was little bit tough for our web developer. After some research, they have set datatype ( UTF8generalc1 ) into database. After applying this logic we have easily manage whole website text direction as per selected language.

UTC Time Zone Management

Here, the business set their availability in an app which is displayed to the users. But, if the business user is in other country and set their availability time, to maintain UTC time zone synchronization was necessary. It was little bit challenges to maintain uniformity of the available timezone as per another country's current UTC time zone. After some hard work and research, our developers have managed their scenario quite smartly through their customized UTC conversions and thereby maintained uniformity in business owner availability.

Manage Application UI during language selection

An app is available in both English and Arabic language. It means, if a user select English, the entire application would be loaded in English language. Managing application UI dynamically was quite difficult and challenging during the development phase. Our developers managed this scenario by implementing custom logic and managed entire app UI quite efficiently.



Android OS Support:
4.3 to 7

Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:
English & Arabic


iOS OS Support:
8.0 to 11.0

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Language Support:
English & Arabic

Website & Admin Panel

Framework: CodeIgniter

Technology: PHP, MySQL


Browser/Device Compatibility:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version

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