Dhulaii On-Demand Car Wash App “ The Perfect Valet To Keep Your Car Clean”


Dhulaii is a prominent hand car wash company focusing on bringing the best deal of car wash in India. It is an on-demand car wash app to book car wash service at your doorstep or anywhere. Dhulaii app will save your long tedious hours in line for car washing. An app provides exterior dry clean services which are further categorized into different pricing according to car specification, timing, and package which selected by users. Simply users need to select preferred date to start the membership. This app contains various packages and add-ons to wipe when a car is very dirty, clean your whole car from inside out. Dhulaii app has other 2 apps, one is for contractors and another is for supervisors. Download the app, fill in your and your vehicle details for sign up and book your wash as per your package.

Dhulaii Has 3 App!

Dhulaii App

Users need to select a location for vehicle wash, select vehicle, choose desired membership packages that suit your time and your car. After completing the process do payment through Paytm or Credit/Debit Card.

Dhulaii Contractor

An app is designed for the purpose of helping and assisting contractors under Dhulaii to manage and fulfill the assigned wash booked from users.

Dhulaii Supervisor

Supervisors will assign skilled washer for particular customer's car wash task. They fulfill assigned task by their contractor.

Client Requirement

Today, where people are busy in their routine work, sparing time for an activity like car wash is quite tough. Calling the expanding markets of the car care services, Dhulaii company approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop an online platform that connects customers, contractors, supervisors and washers to avail the best wash services within the nearest vicinity. A clients' aim is giving customers hassle-free service round the clock with the affordable car cleaning service by choosing a package that suits best to them. By taking an idea of Client and some suggestion from our project manager Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed a Dhulaii app on Android and iOS platforms.


Dhulaii App – For Customers

Sign up/Login:

  • Sign up with basic details
  • Login using Email and Password

Add Vehicle Details:

  • Add Vehicle details along with image and brand, model name and number, vehicle number etc..

Book Wash Service:

  • After filling appropriate details, users can book their car wash within few taps. Just select their preferred date, time and location.


  • Google Maps will display available contractors and customers in nearby locations.

Choose Membership:

  • Users can choose the different membership packages based on their requirement.

Purchase Plan:

  • Choose your vehicle
  • Select Date
  • Fill the Time
  • Select a part of the day
car wash app

Add-on Service:

  • Users can add a new car and include some extra add-ons if they wish to.

Purchase Add-on Services:

  • Select Type of vehicle
  • Choose Date
  • Select Time
  • Select a part of the day: Morning, Noon, Evening
  • Select how dirty your vehicle: Extreme, Medium, Low


  • Users can view and update their profile information like profile picture, contact information and can change a password.


  • Users can pay through their Paytm or Credit/Debit Card.


    Washers will be notified in the below scenarios:

  • Notification for completion of a wash
  • For the membership reminder
  • Invoice notification

Order History

    Customer can see the details like Schedule date, price, etc..

  • Past Schedules
  • Current Schedules
on-demand car wash app

Dhulaii app – For Supervisor


  • Login using Email and Password
  • Supervisors will login after admin will confirm particular person for a supervisor role.

Manage Daily Task:

  • Supervisor can view a list of daily wash, vehicle, and Washer.
  • Supervisor can manage the daily task: Pending, Completed and Cancel.
  • Supervisor can get listing of inside wash and outside wash order.

Washer Assignment:

  • After getting order listing, supervisor assign washer for any particular customer.


  • Supervisor can track washer to a customer location.

Customer Details:

    Supervisor can view the details of a customer,

  • Inside/Outside wash
  • Order number
  • Part of Day
  • Model Name
  • Vehicle Number
  • Start Date
  • End Date
car wash app development

Dhulaii app – For Contractor


  • Login using Email and Password
  • Contractor can login after admin will confirm particular person for a contractor role.


    Contractors can view the following listing,

  • Pending Customer
  • Existing Customer
  • My Washer
  • My Supervisor
  • Order History
  • Report

Add Washer:

  • Contractors can add washer after verified all details.
  • Contractors will add particular washer's KYC and Police Verification.

Add Supervisor:

  • Add and Edit Supervisor

Order Management:

  • Contractors assign supervisor for the particular customer order by location.
  • View History of order list
  • View all status of orders

Map View:

  • Contractors can view supervisor list and get direction on a map.
dhulaii car wash app

Admin panel:

Contractor Management

  • Add/Edit Contractor
  • Active/Inactive Contractor
  • View Contractor's all details
  • Export Contractor's report to excel
  • View supervisor list of particular Contractor
  • View particular Contractor's washer list
  • Filter Contractors by city and area

Supervisor Management

  • Add/Edit Supervisor
  • Active/Inactive Supervisor
  • View Supervisor's all details
  • Export Supervisor's report to excel
  • View particular supervisor's washer list
  • Filter Supervisors by city and area

Washer Listing Management

  • Add Washer details after verifying washer's details.
  • Active/Inactive Washer
  • View and Edit Washer's all details
  • Export Supervisor's report to excel
  • Filter washers by city and area

Customer Management

  • View and Edit Customer profile
  • Active/Inactive Customer

  • View Customer's car details:
    • Category Name
    • Brand Name
    • Model Name
    • Vehicle Number
    • Active/Inactive Status
    • Edit Car Details

Moderator Listing

  • Add Moderator By City and Area
  • Active/Inactive Moderator
  • View and Edit Moderator's all details
  • Export Moderator's report to excel

Add & Update City and State for Dhulaii Service

Car Management:

  • Add/Edit car details
  • Active/Inactive Car

Membership Management:

  • Add/Edit service plan details
  • View Membership plan details
  • Active/Inactive service plans

Add-On Management:

  • Add/Edit Add-On List
  • View Add-On details
  • Active/Inactive Add-On List

Promo Code Management:

  • Add/Edit Promo Codes
  • View Promo Code details
  • Active/Inactive Promo Code List

Order Management:

  • View order details
  • Shows the list of Not approved, approved, paid, running, complete and cancelled orders.

Report Management:

    Admin can view order report in two manners:

    1. Chart Report

    2. Tabular Report


  • View payment history of users
Dhulaii Dashboard


1. Customer Cart Management:

As per this scenario, membership & Add-Ons needs to be handled in the same cart. And this was little bit tough for our web developers. Our developers' technical knowledge and proficiency helped us to manage the scenario very easily. They managed cart by making a different table type.

2. Payment Integration:

In this app, Paytm is integrated into the payment process. For security purpose, we have to maintain payment on app and server both side. And this was a little bit tough to manage. Paytm has provided API to make a process more secure.

3. Advanced Report:

Here, whatever process by the customer, contractor, and supervisor, their details are stored in the database. To generate an advanced report based on different data was quite challenging. The data needs to be fetched as per the applied filter and the output should be displayed graphically into charts. Our developers exceeded this challenge by using the chart.js JQuery that helped them to display data graphically.



Android OS support:
4.3 to 7

Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:


iOS OS Support:
8.0 to 11.0

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus,7 , 7 Plus

Language Support:

Website & Admin Panel




Browser/Device Compatibility:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version

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