Hyperlink Infosystem Dogster CaseStudy Overview

DogsterApp : On-Demand Dog-Riding App

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DogsterApp is basically a dog riding app for iOS platform. In this app, registered dog owners will search for dog riding service providers in their area. Dog riding service available in 3 divisions like Solo, Small group with 5 to 7 Dogs and large group with 12 to 15 dogs. Once you book any dog rider or you have been a former client, you can communicate with them through app only. Your walker will keep you inform about your dog ride through a message in an app after each and every walk that gives you rest of mind. You can give rate and comments to the walker that helps other users to know how well they provide their service.

Client Requirement

A client from the USA saw dog owner's struggle to find the best and reliable person for regular walks during working days. He decided to solve this problem through providing a hassle-free process for dog owners. He had an idea of a mobile app where users can order On-Demand dog walking service directly through their smartphone. He approached Hyperlink Infosystem with this amazing thought to provide the best way for dog owners to make their life easier. We did some amazing work on his thought and developed cutting-edge technology with an old-fashioned dog riding for dogs. After the internal team discussion, we also analyzed and suggest some interesting and useful things like users will be informed at start and end of the service, track dog walks on the map through GPS. Users do not have to worry about cash as it will deduct charges from Credit card. So, users simply order, track and enjoy this amazing app!


There are two types of users as per client's need.

Hyperlink Infosystem Dogster CaseStudy Overview

Member( Dog Owner)

  • Login/ signup
  • View Newsfeed (Image and Videos)
  • Like(Double Tap) and comment on photo and video
  • Search for service providers or members
  • Can report on any newsfeed
  • Select date and time for service
  • Select service type
  • Set privacy on every post
  • Share video and photo
  • Add pick up location and drop up location for transportation
  • Chat with service provider, member or employee
  • Member send two type of friend request
    • 1) Add as a Playmate ( Service provider or member)
    • 2) Add in my Pack ( Service provider only)
  • Select Frequency
    • 1) Today
    • 2) At specific day for week
    • 3) Weekend
  • Get notifications
    • 1) Accept/Reject request by any user
    • 2) Comment and like on your photo by any user


Hyperlink Infosystem Dogster CaseStudy Overview

Service Provider

  • After registration service provider must add 8 digit code for login.
  • View service map
  • View processing order with red dog
  • View pending order with a black dog
  • Notification
  • Here are two types of notification
    • 1) Job
      • - Order can accept or reject
      • - Order can Dispatch or start
      • - Dispatch means the service provider will allocate work to any employee.
      • - Start means the service provider will start on the particular service.
    • 2) Comment and like on your photo by any user
      • View map
  • Add start time and complete time
  • View Newsfeed (Image and Videos)
    • - Like(Double Tap) and comment on photo and video
    • - Search for service provider or member
    • - Can report on any newsfeed


  • View Newsfeed (Image and Videos)
  • Like(Double Tap) and comment on photo and video
  • Search for service provider or member
  • Add start time and complete time

Dogster – Admin Panel


  • Manage dog owner
    • - Active
    • - Inactive
    • - Add
    • - Delete
  • Manage service provider
    • - Confirm
    • - Reject
  • Manage employee
  • Manage Payment through Braintree gateway
  • View report, newsfeed
  • Send notification for generalized message

Service Provider Panel

  • Employee management
  • View dog owner
  • Save internal comment
  • View Playmate & Pack request
  • Accept or reject job request
  • Set price
    • - Custom
    • Static
  • View service calendar
    • - Yellow color for dispatched service
    • - Blue for pending services
    • - Red for in progress services
  • Schedule management
  • Green completed services
  • Black for deleted service
  • Start, assign and complete services
  • Get report by past walk, progress walk, pending and completed walk with a price.
  • Get report of employees
  • Get report of owners
  • Export all reports
Hyperlink Infosystem Dogster CaseStudy Overview


As per our client wanted the real-time Chat System where dog rider & Dog owners can chat with each other. We need to develop a system where dog owner and dog rider can share messages, videos, voices actual time. Chat feature one of the essential features of Sniffs Snout system and we need to have this in both mobile app & website. To overcome this challenge, our developers integrated third Party chat API in the system. We applied the TokBox API as it runs fast with advanced features, control, and wide device support.

The challenge was to create clean, natural user experience which is smooth and sharp thus providing the level of professionalism that will get trust from both Dog Owners and service Providers. We delivered the best user-friendly app that can be used everywhere in the USA.


iOS and Website Development

iOS OS support:
iOS 7 to 9

Objective-C with Storyboard

iOS Supported:
4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus


API: JSON format

Supported Browser:
Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome : Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari : Min version 8.0 to Max version 9.1

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