Earning Pig “Innovative Social App”

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Earning Pig is an innovative platform to do more than just social networking app. It brings a great amount of fun and gives you the chance to win money and some attractive prizes. People can post profiles or images of their loved ones and make them win in the contest for the most loved Pig Profiles across different categories. Moreover, you can share, post, like, super like, comment, create - pics/memories and much more. Reluctant and shy people can express their feelings and give meaningful feedback, people can do it through the secret message as well. Really, Earning Pig is a social platform that is light-hearted, fun-oriented and humorous platform to express yourself and interact with your friends and loved ones. Experience the new world of social media and feel the difference with Earning Pig.

Client Requirements

People bored of other social networking sites so it is a need for something new and interesting which brings a smile and makes you engaged in your spare time. People bored with just posting pictures and videos. An out of the box thinker and a passionate client wanted to make an online platform where users can enjoy amazing social media experience. He thought when you have not the courage to say something to people on a face, at that time you can use this app by uploading their name's pig. And other users can give his/her opinion on it. It brings a great amount of fun and gives you the chance to win money and attractive prizes. Furthermore, he wanted to add functionality that to purchase goods from this platform. An application was demanded to be developed on Android and iOS both platforms. A client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to make this Earning social networking app where people can enjoy Innovative Social Networking app, Win cash & other Exciting Prizes.


pig iconSign Up & Login

  • Users can sign up and login using – Email & Password.
  • Users can get 100 Pig U at the time of sign up.

pig iconForgot Password

  • Users need to enter registered email address and email with temporary password will be sent to user.

pig iconLocation

  • Current location would be automatically selected using GPS.
  • Users can change location from the top.

pig iconFeeds

  • Users can view post of friends and its own.
  • Users can like, super like and comment on a particular post.

pig iconListing of Pig

  • Users can see the sliding banner at the top. This banner can have an advertisement, featured merchandise or Contest declaration there.
  • Users can filter pig listing by location and also search by pig name.

pig iconUpload Pig

  • Users can make Pig profile by filling some basic details like name, location, Profession, Gender, profile picture and comment.
  • Users can upload profile & cover picture for Pig profile.
  • If users want to hide their name as an owner of Pig profile which he/she created then they have an option for it also.
  • Users can upload max 10 pigs at a time.
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pig iconView Pig

  • Users can view the details like name, address, description and picture of pig profile.
  • Users can give Pig U and comment on that profile
  • Users can list down number of Pig U and submit More Pig U from their pig balance.
  • There will be categories of pig based on the count of “Pig U” a particular profile is getting as follow:
    • 1) Emerging Pig
    • 2) Challenging Pig
    • 3) Establish Pig

pig iconAbuse Report for Pig Profile

  • Users can abuse report also if they don't like it.
  • Users have to select some reason and write in details during report time,
    • 1) Unprofessional
    • 2) Nudity
    • 3) Unacceptable
    • 4) Violence
    • 5) Other

pig iconShare Pig U Profile

  • Users have an option to share Pig U profile to other social apps.

pig iconMy Profile

  • View Pig U balance, users friends list & count, location, email id, description, profile & cover photo, post and Pig U profile that you have created.
  • Users can edit profile details.

pig iconView other Users Profile

  • View Pig U balance, users friends list & count, location, email id, description, profile & cover photo, post and Pig U profile that he/she has created.

pig iconChat

  • Users can communicate with other friends by chat functionality.
earning pig social app

pig iconEarn Pig U

  • Users can earn Pig U are using different ways:
    • 1) When user register they get 100 Pig U.
    • 2) Users who are more frequently logged in to the App are to be given more Free “Pig U”
    • 3) Admin can give pig you any time they want from admin panel

pig iconSecret Message

  • If you want to send a funny message but don't want to disclose your name then the just type phone number of that person, enter a message and send it.

pig iconBuy Merchandise

  • Users can buy merchandise and he/she has an option to select a category of merchandise.
  • Users can add multiple merchandises in cart to buy in one order.

pig iconContest

  • Users will be eligible to win prizes in three categories
  • Prize for the City Pig for the profile created by him/her
  • Prize for the State Pig for the profile created by him/her
  • Prize for the Nation Pig for the profile created by him/her
  • Users can see leaderboard for any contest.

pig iconFavorite Pig

  • Users can favorite any pigs.

pig iconTop Pigs

  • Users can see top pig profile with most pig you based on particular city, area and state.
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pig iconBorrow Pig U

  • Users have to Fill the amount of Pig U and send request to your friends.

pig iconBuy Pig U

  • if you don't have any pig then you can easily buy Pig U from the listing by admin.
  • Payment of Pig u is directly on Paytm.

pig iconMy Orders

  • Users can see their orders with status.

pig iconNotification

  • When someone sends you friend request
  • When someone responds on your friend request
  • When other user responds on your post.
  • When other user responds on your borrow Pig U request.
  • When someone sends you message.
  • When someone tags you on their post.

pig iconSettings

  • Share app to other social media
  • Read Terms of use
  • Change password
  • View blocked users listing and unblocked from there.
  • Delete user account
  • Notification Setting: Users can on/off notification in 3 main scenarios by toggle button
  • Friend Request
  • Pig U Notification
  • Display Anonymous Pig
social networking app

Admin Panel

pig iconUser Management

  • View and edit user details
  • Active/Inactive users

pig iconPigs Management

  • View and edit Pig details
  • Active/Inactive Pig

pig iconMerchandise Category Management

  • Edit, update and delete subcategories
  • view and edit the main merchandise category
  • Active/Inactive Merchandise category and subcategory.

pig iconSecret Message Management

  • View secret messages

pig iconContest Management

  • Add contest name, image, Registration Start Date, Registration End Date, Contest Start Date, Contest End Date.
  • Add contest by city, state and nation.

pig iconOrder Management

  • View and edit orders
  • Active/Inactive orders

pig iconBanner(Advertising) Management

  • Add, update banner details
  • Active/Inactive banner details

pig iconSend Pig U Management

  • Send Pig U to particular users with amount and description.
admin panel screen


Manage Chatting Functionality in Website

In Earning Pig Website client wanted to integrate same chat functionality like an app. So we need to integrate firebase cloud messaging in a website for the chat feature. As the firebase cloud messaging PHP SDK is under beta version, it was a little bit tough task for our web developers. After some team discussion and deep research, our developers have integrated the same functionality by using web javascript SDK.

Manage Block Scenario in Secret Message

Earning pig has a block functionality like when a user blocks someone at the time their all details like profile, like, comment etc needs to be eliminated from earning pig. And one more thing, our developers have to maintain the username in secret message list if a blocked user has done any anonymous chat then we have to make sure that username cannot come in block list with its name. To implement the whole scenario our developers have maintained flag by passing different parameters. After that, we get that parameter and then we have set username according.

Manage Paytm Transaction

As per app scenario, we have integrated Paytm for some transaction. At the time of development it works perfect but to convert Paytm from staging level to live was a little bit tough. To resolve this difficulty we have contact Paytm and made some transaction as per they instructed us. After this experiment, we have successfully activated our live credentials and resolve this challenge.



Android OS Support:
5.0 to 8.0 Android

Java using Android Studio

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:


iOS OS Support:
iOS 9.0 to 11.0

Swift Using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

Language Support:

Website & Admin Panel


API: REST API in JSON format

Supported Browser:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 10.0 version

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