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Fatebox is a kind of Social media app that is inspired by Facebook and also replicates some critical features for latter action to support its unique functions. It’s a tool to track and anticipate your fate by connecting the dots of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This app provides seven types of posting functionality like simple, expectation, prediction, resolution, dream, karma, superstition, and reality check. The movement or insights that a user draws from the App is subject to the user’s interpretation. Fatebox is one of the unique apps amongst Social apps that includes various exciting features in it.

Client Requirements

The client wanted to make a social app that encourages the user to actively record regarding 'What' of your lives and try predicting 'What Next' – because of that movement helps to predict your future better than science, religion, or astrology. Our future generations may find the scientific rationale ('Why' and 'How'), possibly using the scratches we put on the universe's surface today. Hence the client contacts Hyperlink InfoSystem with this fantastic idea. Hyperlink InfoSystem is always ready to do something unique and exciting. They have discussed the project very deeply and started to work on this app. After team efforts, Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed a "Fatebox" app that helps the user record their expectations, predictions, dreams, superstitions, Karma, resolutions, and reality check.

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Users have seven different options to create a posting.


  • The expectation function helps you understand how your universe responds to your expectations and the feelings you associate with them.
    1.Users can mention their Expectations by selecting images, location, Score your feelings, prayer to god option, and then tag their friends.
    2.Users need to choose a time when they wanted to fulfill that expectation and can do a reality check.


  • When users keep track of their predictions, their reality checks, and before-after feelings, users will find inexplicable trends and patterns about people, places, things, and situations that will help users to manage their predictions better in the future.
    1.Users can mention their prediction by selecting images, location, pray to god, and score about prediction feeling.
    2.Users need to choose a time when they wanted to make right that prediction and can do a reality check.
    3.Users can post that reality check either it's 100% wrong or right if they want.


  • Users' firm decision is to do or not to do something.
    1. Users can mention their resolution by selecting score your feelings, praying to god option, and then tag their friends.
    2. Users need to choose a time for a reality check when they want to check whether their resolution is made.


  • Users can predict good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions. Users need to mention their Karma and later mention the result and fill the karma loop like Action and Reaction.


  • This function helps you record your existing superstitions and track their continuing validity or effect on your life. Users need to mention Superstition and then mention the result and select ‘Hits’ or ‘Misses’ count.


  • A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep can be a dream. Users need to mention their goal, the result of that dream, pray to god option, and post your reality check connection.


  • This functionality for only those Expectations, Predictions, and Resolutions who’s Reality Checks has been done. Users can view and share that insight.

Reality Check

  • Reality Check is tied to expectation, prediction, and resolution. It requires users to mention the reality or the ‘After’ of your ‘Before’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

User Guide

  • Users guide to help you understand Fatebox’s interface and functions.

Admin Panel Features

1) Users Management

  • Edit, view and delete users
  • Active/Inactive users

2) Help and Inquiry

3) Reports Management

4) Reply on users Inquiry

5) Set report threshold for reported post

6) Admin can export and view all registered user, post, reported post

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Android OS Support

Android 5.0 to Android 9.0


Kotlin using Android Studio 3.4.1
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iOS OS Support

iOS 11.0 to 13.0


Swift using Xcode
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Admin Panel


PHP, CodeIgniter Framework




REST API in JSON format