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hauler - on-demand moving app

Hauler – On-Demand Moving App


The Hauler is an on-demand moving & delivery app that helps you to move almost everything in your comfort. The app is designed to provide the first-rate moving services for every citizen who cannot afford the hefty price tag. With Hauler, you can deliver and relocate people's stuff to different endpoints. All you need to do is just login inside the app, select your pickup, and drop off location, upload your item details with a brief description, and you are done. You will receive an estimated fare popup, and a Hauler will be assigned to move your stuff to your defined destination. You can even track your item's move in real-time. The app is also featured with call and SMS functionality to ensure there isn't a communication gap. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app and book your first move today.

hauler - client requirement

Our Client from the US approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop a platform that helps people move, assemble, and deliver almost everything. The client's main aim is to create an online platform where customers can connect with drivers and avail the world-class delivery services at quite economical rates. It will maximize the driver's earning opportunities, but it will also prove to be the best platform to move services within reach. The app is designed on Android and iOS platforms and available for the global audience.

on-demand moving app


  • Registration With Basic Details Like Username, Password, And Profile Picture.
  • Login Using Email Id Or Password.
  • Forgot Password With Recovery Options.
  • View And Edit Profile
  • Google Maps For Navigation
  • Allow Customers To Set Pickup And Drop Off Location.
  • Fare Calculation Based On Pickup And Drop Off Location.
  • Notify Customer For Acceptance And Declination Of The Orders.
  • Manage Payment Through Braintree.
  • Notify Customers In Below Scenarios:
    1. During Driver Arrival
    2. Order Pickup & Drop Off
    3. Order Completion
  • Track Driver's Current Location
  • View History Of Completed And Pending Order.
  • Customers Can Give Additional Tip To The Driver. Tips Can Be Either No Tip, 10%, 15% Or 20% Of The Order Amount.
  • Give Reviews And Ratings To Drivers
  • Signup With Basic Details
  • Login – Using Email Or Facebook
  • Forgot Password
  • Create, View, And Edit Profile
  • Update Driver's Availability Status
  • Notify Drivers In Below Scenarios:
    1. New Order Request
    2. Order Cancellation
  • View History Of Current, Completed And Canceled Order.
  • Give Customer's Ratings And Reviews.
  • Notification Received To The Driver After Successful Payment.
  • 1. Manage Customers
    - View, Edit And Delete Customer Profiles.
  • 2. Manage Drivers
    - View, Edit And Delete Driver Profiles.
  • 3. Vehicle Management
    - After Proper Verification Of The Driver's Vehicle, License, And Other Important Documents, Drivers Are Entitled To Get Registered In The App.
  • 4. Report Management
    - Admin Can Search Drivers And Customers History And Generate A Report Of Their Orders.
logistic app development
  • Signup & Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Book Hauler Services City Wise
  • Allow Customers To Select Their City.
  • Allow Customers To Request Move Order By Selecting Their Pickup And Drop Off Location.
  • Notify Customers In Below Scenarios:
    1. Acceptance And Declination Of Order
    2. During Driver Arrival, Pickup And Drop Off
    3. Completion Of Order
  • Customers And Drivers Can View And Edit Their Profile.
  • Fare Calculation Based On The Location Distance
  • Google Maps For Navigation
  • Notify Drivers In Below Scenarios:
    1. During New Order Request
    2. During Order Cancellation
    3. After Successful Payment
  • View History Of The Current, Completed, Pending And Canceled Orders.
  • Customers Can Track The Driver's Location.
  • Manage Payment Through Braintree.
  • Update Driver's Availability Status
  • Ratings & Reviews For Drivers And Customers.
  • Customers Can Give Additional Tip To The Driver. Tips Can Be Either No Tip, 10%, 15% Or 20% Of The Order Amount.


When the customer requests a ride, if a driver is not tracked inside a 200m radius of the customer's location and requests to send a notification for pickup, arrival, and drop off, the app should not allow drivers to send such notifications to customers. Disabling pickup, arrive, and drop off options by tracking driver's location was one of the significant complexities faced during the development period. Our developers overcome this scenario by implementing custom validation that enables notification option for arrival, pick up and drops off when the driver is located under the radius of 200m.

Today, many ready-made menu APIs are available in the market that can give your app a "wow" effect. The integration of the menu is not something that cannot be accomplished by the developers. But, there are scenarios where a menu needs to be customized. In Hauler, the client wanted a customized menu where the selected option from the menu list must appear in the zoom-out style with the app background, and the current screen should be minimized to the left. The development of such a customized menu with multiple complexities was indeed a big challenge. Our developers handled this scenario using Android Reside Menu and customized it as per the client's requirement.

Android OS Support:
4.3 to 6.0

Java using Android Studio 1.5

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920


iOS OS Support:
iOS 7.0 to 10.3

Objective-C using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6


PHP CodeIgniter Framework, HTML5


Language Support:

Browser/Device Compatibility:
IE 9.0+, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari