HRythm Employee Management App An Intuitive Employee Engagement App At Your Fingertips


HRythm is an intuitive employee engagement app at your fingertips. HRythm helps smoothen communication, make positivity and team bonding in a company. HRythm will save time and allows to access key documents instantly and Create a CEO channel to connect with all employee using media post. Once you purchase a subscription to HRythm, Admin panel access is given to you that allows you to post content in app for your team. HRythm is the best application for organizations where it will be very smooth to manage big staff. Really, HRythm helps many organizations to make their on-boarding process both time and cost-efficient.

Client Requirements

At many organization, there are lots of manual work like handling employee details, collect employees' opinion, provide any news related to a company etc.. A Client wanted to make an online platform where employees can get all news related company and industry news, share their opinion for decision making in better and faster way with accessing data in offline mode as well. With taking this idea, a client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to make an Android application which makes easy to handle this all manual work on an online platform. Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed an Android app "HRythm" which allows you to get all your employee-related work done on the move.



  • After approving company by super admin, Employees can login.

Employees can see a demo app as a visitor


  • Employees can see company documents, Perfect for hosting Product Videos, Sales Brochures, Policies, Training Calendars & Onboarding etc..
  • Employees can bookmark their favorite pages.
  • Employees like, unlike and add a comment on a particular section.
  • Employees have an option to search on a particular section and their subsection.

Top Speak

  • Reach out to all employees through any media post.
  • Users can download documents, Watch videos & bookmark top speak.


  • Read all company and industry news.
  • Delete particular news which users don't want to read again.
  • Employees can sort news based on, newest first, oldest first, most Viewed.
  • Search particular news and details.


  • Search and View all the details of employees.
  • Employees can sort contacts based on A to Z and Z to A


  • Vote on particular polls which you like the most.
  • See the result of polls.
  • Delete any polls.
  • Employees can sort polls based on the newest first, oldest first
  • Employees can search particular polls and details.


  • Add, bookmark and vote any question.
  • Give answer for particular question.
  • Edit, Delete answer
  • Give vote to answer which you like the most.
  • Employees can sorting questions and answers based on recent, most upvotes, unanswered, active.


  • See Hub, top speak, Q&A which users have bookmarked.
  • Employees can remove bookmarked list.

Most Viewed

  • See all the hub which are most viewed by other employees.

Recently Viewed

  • See all the hub which are recently visited by other employees.


  • Employees can submit content with relevant images.

Super Admin Panel Features:

Company List

  • Add and delete companies
  • Export company details to excel sheet
  • Active/Inactive companies


  • Add and delete chapters and a particular section of chapters


  • Add and delete Subscription plan
  • View Payments regarding a particular company's subscription plan


  • Add and delete countries

Advertise List

  • Add and delete advertise

Media Gallary

  • View all media uploaded


  • Add and delete notification
  • Send notification for particular company
super admin panel features

Company Admin Panel Features:

Address Book

  • Add and delete employees
  • Active/Inactive employees
  • Verify all employees


  • Add and delete chapters or particular section of chapters


  • Add and Delete news


  • Add and delete polls
  • See result of polls

Top Speaks

  • Add and delete top speaks


  • Add, update and delete question and answer


  • See details of subscriptions
  • Buy subscription


    1) Sent List

  • Add and delete notification for particular employee
  • 2) Received List

  • view and delete a notification which is coming from super admin panel

Media Gallary

  • View all media uploaded
company admin panel features


Store Data In Offline Mode

In this app, we have integrated offline mode functionality. When an employee is online, at that time we need to store the smallest data like, bookmark, like, unlike, comment in offline mode which they visit at least one time. To handle the whole data, we need to create a database in app same as back-end database and handle it in proper ways. After some research, we have resolved this difficulty by storing all API response in-app database so users can get all data in offline mode in a very easy way.

To Handle Top Speak Data

As per the app scenario, In Top speaks section, there are many types of content come from the backend side like doc, ppt, pdf, videos, image, only URL. So we need to handle in proper ways like if videos come than its necessary to play video in full screen and other document needs to download. This was toughest challenge for our developers. To resolve this challenge, our developers have implemented a different screen for a different type of files, used Exoplayer to play video in recycler view and in full screen during development process.

Handle Text Size

We have integrated filtering option for text size like large, medium and small. If the employee selects text size on one page at the time same text size need to change for every app screen. Our development team smartly managed this scenario by defining an app level text size globally and use in all the screen.



Android OS Support:
4.3 to 8.0

Java Using Android Studio-3.1.3

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Admin Panel


API: JSON format

Supported Browser:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version,
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version,
Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

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