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JIYO Gourmet is an app to distribute food for people based in Mexico which is developed to supply food from some nearby distribution points. Users can place an order by selecting any of the nearby distribution points for some pre-defined time slot and a nearby driver will be assigned for that particular distribution point to deliver food within time and the user can easily pick it up from a distribution point. Users can also configure his/her menu by adding multiple dishes. It is the highest quality standard with using modern equipment and processes for the preparation, packaging, and delivery of your food business.

Client Requirements

From the beginning, A client has one focus on technological innovation that makes a difference in Food distribution service. He aims to make unique and easy food-producing services that make a real difference with others. With this idea and thought he approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to make a food distributer app. Hyperlink InfoSystem started to study the feasibility and come up with the right way to turn their idea into reality with "JIYO Gourmet". We have developed the best apps for users that allowed users to add multiple foods from multiple menus to cart, select time-slot and any nearby distribution point so that users can easily have that food delivered in a short time.

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Sign up

  • Signup with username, email, first name, last name, mobile number.
  • Users can add food preferences like meat, vegan, eggs, fish, etc at the time of Signup.
  • Users have to specify any allergies and select nearby distribution points.


  • Login through email and password.

Order by Menu

  • Users can place an order by selecting a date and time slot, select distribution point, add payment method, and a review card.

Configure Menu

  • Users can add multiple dishes to multiple menus.


  • Users can send messages to the driver by sending In-App messages.

Track Driver

  • Users have an option to track a driver's real-time location using GPS.

Order Listing

  • Users can have a listing of all past orders and present orders.


  • Users will be notified in different scenarios like when driver starts delivery, pick up your food, arrived at the location and when driver sends a message.

Edit User Profile

  • Users can add edit distribution points, add edit allergies, change password, add food preferences.

Jiyo Driver App Features


  • Using email and password.

Today's Orders

  • A driver will get the list of all orders that needs to deliver at the distribution points.
  • A driver will start a ride, track the distribution point and deliver the food.


  • Drivers can send messages to users and notify them when he delivered particular food to the destination point.

Completed Order List

  • Drivers can view a list of completed orders by them.

Admin Panel Features:

User Management

  • Drivers can view a list of completed orders by them.
  • Active/Inactive Users

Driver management

  • Register Drivers
  • Add, View, Edit, And Delete Drivers Details

Building Management

  • Add, Edit And Delete Buildings With Distribution Points.
  • Active/Inactive Building

Distribution Points Management

  • Add And Edit Distribution Points with postal code, city, state, and assigned driver.
  • Active/Inactive Distribution Points

Allergy And Ingredient Management

  • Add, Edit and Delete allergies and ingredients
  • Active/Inactive allergy and ingredient details

Time Slot Management

  • Add/Edit time slot like morning breakfast, lunch with a particular time.

Packing Management

  • Admin shows all order which needs to be delivered today only with order number and username.
  • Admin can notify any user for the arrival of his/her food.

Dishes management

  • Add/Edit dishes with price, ingredients.
  • Active/Inactive Dishes

Menu Management

  • Add/Edit menu with multiple dishes with dishes count and price.
  • Active/Inactive Menu Details

Menu Programming Management

  • View configure menus for dates and time slots with quantity and price.

Promo Code Management

  • Add, edit and view promo codes list
  • Active/Inactive promo codes.

Discount Management

  • Add Discount Details
  • Users shows all discounts which are applied to buying some particular number of menus. Like $100 off on buying minimum 6 menus.

Report Management

  • Admin can view order report in two manners:

    1. Order by menu

    2. Where-house supply order.

Message Management

  • Admin can view all messages between drivers and users.
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Menu Management:

As per the client's requirement, we need to show all the menus with different dishes and ingredients for different time slots and dates. To manage the whole thing was a little bit tough. Our developers have created one cart that contains all the information for a user to review in a listing manner so that the user can review his/her order information very easily and place an order.



OS Support:
Android 4.3 to 6.0

Java using Android Studio

English, Spanish


OS Support:
iOS 9.0 and later

Swift 3.0 using Xcode 9.2

English, Spanish

Admin Panel & API

Technology: PHP, CodeIgniter Framework

Database: MySQL

API: REST API in JSON format in Node.js

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