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On-Demand Hairstylist Services


Klippers is an on-demand hairstylist service app that connects users with expert hairstylists to avail hair related services at customer’s convenient time and in the comfort of their home, office, hotel, etc. The customer needs to do just enter the desired location, select hairstylist and services, select the desired date and time. Just they need to wait for a knock and after some time; the respective hairstylist will arrive at the location to give them an awesome look. Users will be able to see the hairstylist information when 5 hours are remaining to the appointment. There is one other app for Stylists "Klippers Stylist". Klippers Stylist is an application for stylists, to offer their services using the Klippers app as a platform. They can be their boss, set their own time and prices, and offer extra beauty services by own to their customers nearby them. This is the best app for those stylists who do not want to work by fixing working hours. With Klippers, you can set your schedule.

client requirementClient Requirement

A client believes that style and comfort should become available to anyone, at any time, regardless of where they live. Life is too short to waste time waiting in traffic, or walking for salons to a haircut. Hence a client wanted to make an online platform that connects all the freelancer experts to deliver all salon and also makeup services to customers at their convenient time and their location. A believes that experts should get more profit when you are doing the work and feel like a boss. A client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem with an amazing idea and we have turned it successfully into a reality. We have developed two apps as per the client requirement: Klippers - for customers and Klippers Stylist - for experts. This online platform acts as a base for hair experts to expand their business horizons along with leveraging luxury and comforts for customers to get the best salon services at their doorsteps. We are glad that we succeed to fulfill the client's demands by making Klipper's app for both platform iOS and Android.


Klippers- For Customers

- Choose sign up/ log in/ skip

- Simply sign up with few steps add first name, last name, birth date, email, password if have a referral code, select t&c and mobile number for OTP verification.

- Users can sign up with Facebook or goggle.

- Simple login with email id and password.

- Users can log in with Google or Facebook.

- Users need to enter email to get the reset password link.

- Users can view the nearest stylist list with search stylish option.

- Users have an option to search stylist by map or filtering functionality.

- Users can select a date from date popup.

- Set price range by slider & select gender.

- Users can view the nearest stylist location on a map.

- Users can view the short details of the stylist at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the pin.

- Users can view the Stylist details like description, rating, reviews, working hour and portfolios of their work.

- Users can have the option to book multiple services and they need to select services and book the request with date & time.

- Users can share, report and add to favorite functionalities added by Stylist.

- Users can share particular Stylist details.

- Users can view the list of saved address and current address location.

- If a user wants to add a new location then they need to select a plus icon where they easily add a new location and pick a preferred location.

klippers login page

- Users can view full requested services with details like Stylist image, their name, review, rating, requested date, time and address.

- Here, Users can add a promo code, wallet, and Klipper's coin to get a benefit for book appointments (User can use either promo code or Klipper's coin).

- In the end, users can view the full payable amount details.

- Users can add card details on payment time or also pay the amount from already saved card details.

- Users can give rate and feedback to Stylist for their service.

- Users will get all the notification regarding appointment booking.

- Users will get the list of all upcoming and past appointment orders with their status.

- Users can also cancel the appointment by giving a proper reason.

- Users can view the list of favorite stylist with details.

- Users can count a total of Klippers coins, wallet balance and transaction history.

- Users can turn on/off notifications.

- Users can change the password and log out from the settings.

- Users can change their basic profile details from the edit profile.

- Users can add, edit and delete card details for the further payment process.

Klippers - For Expert

- Continue to the login page.

- Experts must be signed up from Klipper's website.

- Simple login with email id and password. Forgot Password

- Enter the email to get the reset password link.

- The stylist can add a profile from a camera or photo gallery; add intro of stylist and their location.

- The stylist can also add a link to their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

- The stylist can add the images for their portfolio.

- The stylist can get some default services and he/she add more service by adding service name, description, cost, and duration.

- Stylists add service for both genders male or female.

- Stylist adds some note or preparation of service by clicking the edit button.

- Stylist set their availability of each day.

- Stylist needs to add time at checkbox and if they do not want to add then he/she unchecked that day.

- A Stylist can view the total earning and today's earning the amount on screen.

- A stylish can view all the appointments where you can accept or reject.

- If there is no appointment available then it displays the no appointment image.

- Show the 3 types of a line chart for earning by (1) Monthly, (2) Weekly and (3) Yearly with earning value.

- The stylist can view two different tabs for past and future appointment list with details.

- If a stylist wants to start an appointment he/she must tap on start appointment and start screen open with timer and when service will complete they need to complete that appointment.

- The stylist will get all the notification regarding appointment booking.

- Show the menu with Stylist' profile details and they can also log out from here.

- The stylist can edit their basic details like profile name, service, availability time, bank details, password, portfolio images.

klippers service provider page

admin panel featuresAdmin Panel Features

users management

Users Management

  • View and edit user details
  • Active/Inactive user details

Stylist Management

  • View, add and edit stylist details
  • Active/Inactive stylist details
  • Approve/Unappoved stylist

Service Management

  • Add and edit services
  • Active/Inactive services
  • Approve/Unapproved custom service from stylist

Promo Code Management

  • Add and edit promo code
  • Active/Inactive promo code
  • Assign promo code to particular users

Booking Management

  • Admin can view all appointment of users.
  • Admin can view all type of orders status and total earning details of a stylist.
  • Admin can generate all reports in excel sheet.

Sub-Admin Management

  • Admin can create, edit sub-admin.
  • Assign admin module to sub-admin.

Email management

  • Make an email format from admin panel.


Booking Reminder Management

When customer book services, we need to manage booking hours of an appointment as per the app flow. Moreover, we have to send a notification before 30 minutes to remind you about their appointment; after 30 min of an appointment, an appointment notification appears and the same for a complete appointment. To maintain the overall app scenario and to notify the user regarding their appointment was a little bit tough. After some in-depth research, our developers have managed such a complex scenario with the implementation of the booking Interface along with their custom algorithm.

Reward Point Management

At the time of an appointment booking, to manage reward points, wallets and referrals were among the toughest for our team. After some team discussion and technical logic of our back-end developers, we quickly managed this reward point functionality.

To Manage Timeslot on Appointment

As per the app functionality, a stylist can accept, cancel, and reject particular order in a specific time, so to manage stylist and customer’s time, slot management was a bit complex. After some team discussion, research, and hard work, we get UTC; we convert it in the user’s local time and then check the booking time and efficiently manage the slots functionality.

colors and typographyColors & Typography

for customers

For Customers


For Expert




Android OS Support:
Android 5.0 to Android 9.0

Java using Android Studio 3.0

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560


iOS OS Support:
iOS 9.0 to 12.0

Swift 4.0 using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

Website & Admin Panel

Technology PHP, CodeIgniter Framework

Database MySQL


Browser/Device Compatibility
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 53.0 version Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 58.0 version Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 10.0 version