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Want to shop for your grocery items but running late? Going hard with your busy schedule? If you are stuck up in your busy life and don't have time to buy your grocery items, NeighborShopper is the ultimate solution for you. It is the first ever grocery app that works in real time scenario. NeighborShopper connect you with your neighbors who are nearby any grocery stores. It helps you to request delivery of your required grocery items in real time for a small amount. Even you can shop for them and deliver essentials at their address. The transaction and communication between shopper and the requester is highly secured and safe. You can even invite your friends and neighbors and create your own shopping network. Just download the app now and explore more.

Client Requirement

Today where people are busy with their jobs, extracting some time to complete their daily routine is quite hard. Witnessing such busy going life of the people, the client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop a platform that proves to be a boon for such people that lacks time. The main aim of the client was to develop an Android and iOS interface that help users to request deliveries of their grocery items easily at their address in real time. The app is available in English language and designed for the USA audience only.

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Features - NeighborShopper

app for shopping requester
  • Send Order Request To Single/Multiple Shoppers
  • Add Items In Sent Order
  • Add Address Details
  • View Order Receipt
  • Payment Gateway: Stripe
  • Communicate With Shoppers Through Chat
  • Track Shopper's Navigation
  • Accept/Decline Friend Requests
  • Set Notification On/Off
  • Reviews And Ratings For Shoppers
  • View List Of Accepted, Canceled, Completed, Pending And In-Progress Orders
  • View Recent Chat
  • Shopping Requester Will Be Notified In Below Scenario:
    • Accept/Decline/Cancellation Of The Requested Order
    • Availability Of Nearby Shoppers
    • When Shopper Edits Order
    • During Order Track
    • When Payment Receipt Is Received
    • New Chat Message
    • When They Receive Friend Requests

app for shopper
  • Edit Or Cancel Order
  • Generate Order Receipt
  • Ratings And Reviews For Shopping Requesters
  • Communicate With Shopping Requester Through Chat
  • Accept/Decline Friend Requests
  • Set Notification On/Off
  • View Recent Chat
  • View Order List
  • Shoppers Will Be Notified In Below Scenario:
    • New Order Request
    • Successful Payment
    • When They Receives Friend Request
    • When Items Are Added In Order
    • New Chat Message

  • User Management
    • Add, Update, Delete And Edit Users
  • Order Management
    • Update And Delete Order Status
    • Update Order Status As Accept, Cancel, Complete And Pending.
  • Payment Management
    • Manage Payment Calculation For Shoppers And Shopping Requesters
  • Report Management
    • Show Order Reports Between Selected Dates
    • Export Order Reports In Excel Sheet


1. Track Arrival Time:

Whenever shopping requester tracks an order, the application should be tracked in the background as well in the foreground process. Track application behavior in the foreground process and update shopper's location every 10 seconds was quite challenging. It was quite hard to update location and reflect the current location status to the shopping requester in real time scenario. However, our developers managed this scenario by invoking update location API as per scheduled timer and thereby shopper's location status is updated to the shopping requester.

2. Add Item In An Ongoing Order:

Whenever a shopping requester adds any new item in the given order, update in the order needs to be reflected in real time scenario. Adding more items in an ongoing order and reflecting the changes in real time scenario by sending shopper a push notification was quite hard and challenging. Our developers surpassed this challenge by implementing their custom logic and thus, the entire order is received in an updated manner to the shopper.

3. Auto Download Images:

Whenever a shopper and shopping requester communicates with each other through chat and send images, that images should be auto downloaded in the device and stored inside the app folder. Managing such scenario was quite complex during the development phase. Our developers smartly resolved the complexity by using photo library and asset collection that automatically store images inside device gallery in the app folder name.
  • Android OS Support: 4.3 to 7.0
  • Development:Java using Android Studio
  • Android Supported Devices:480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560
  • Language Support:English
  • iOS OS Support:iOS 8.0 to 10.3
  • Development:Swift using Xcode
  • iOS Supported Devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • Language Support:English
  • Technology:PHP CodeIgniter
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language Support:English
  • Browser/Device Compatibility: IE 9.0+, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari

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