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On-Call Doctor


An on-Call doctor is a free healthcare app that leverages your access to high-quality medical services at your convenience and fingertips. It is one of the most flexible, time-saving, and convenient substitutes that make use of your cellphone internet connection to connect you with hundreds of local doctors and book an office visit or a house call appointment within few taps. The app is quite user-friendly, and you can book your appointment with easy steps. All you need to do is sign up in the patient app, choose your doctor near your area, select your time slot, and confirm your appointment. The app also facilitates a patient to communicate with the doctor, along with finding neighborhood pharmacy lookup. The payment made to the doctors is highly secured and is proceeded after the appointment completion. Ratings are also given to doctors based on their treatment. Just download the app to book your first appointment.

Our US-based client approached Hyperlink Infosystem to develop a native application on the Android and iOS platforms that provide the best quality medical services to the US audiences. The client's main aim is to create a digital platform for doctors and patients to connect and avail of the best medical services. It maximizes doctor's outreach and proves to be the best platform for the users to book appointments and get medical services within their reach.

Features On-Call Doctor is a two facet app as per the client requirement. On-Call doctor consists of:

  • Signup With The Basic Details.
  • Login Using Email And Password.
  • Forget Password.
  • Create And Edit A Patient Profile.
  • Validation Of The Patient's Debit/Credit Card Details.
  • Map Integration For The Location Purpose.
  • Showing The List Of Available Doctors To Patients As Per Selected Doctor Type, Visit Type Geographical Location.
  • Appointment Booking.
  • Acknowledgment To Patient For Appointment Booking, Cancellation, And Completion Through.
  • One To One Chat Between A Doctor And The Patient.
  • Notification Request Is Sent To The Doctor For Appointment Booking.
  • Notification is sent to the patient to accept and cancel the appointment and the service's start and end.
  • Ratings To Doctors.
  • Manage Payments Through Braintree.
  • View list of Booked, Canceled, And Completed Appointments.
  • Login.
  • Pop-Up To Enable Mobile Location For An Appointment Booking.
  • Integration Of Calendar For Scheduling An Appointment.
  • Notification Sent For Setting Geographical Location To Receive The Appointment Alerts.
  • Change And Update Availability Status.
  • Tracking Doctor's Latest Location.
  • Notification Of Acceptance And Declination Of The Patinet's Request.
  • View Patient's Medical And Pharmacy Details.
  • One To One Chat With Patients.
  • View List Of Scheduled Appointments With Timings.
  • Create And View Doctor's Profile.
  • View Monthly Earnings.
  • View Ratings given by Patients.
  • Notification Sent During Start And Completion Of The Appointment.

  • 1. Dashboard Management:
    • Manage The Total Number Of Doctors And Patients.
    • Admin Will Be Able To Get The Total No Of Free, Busy, And Unavailable Doctors From The App.
  • 2. Patient Management:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Customers.
    • Active/Inactive Patients.
  • 3. Doctor Management:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Doctors.
    • Active/Inactive Doctors.
    • Manually Approve Or Disapprove Each Doctor's Request.
  • 4. Service Module:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Services In The App.
    • State Management (Price Management As Per The State).
  • 5. Notifications Module:
    • Admin Gets Notified When A New Doctor Registers In The App.
  • 6. Control The Amount Percentage To Be Transferred In Administrator.

1. Timeslot Management:

Generally, the appointment timeslots are manually set by the doctors. But dynamic management of the time slots by an application was one of our developers' most significant issues during the appointment booking. It was getting difficult to fetch the available doctors based on the user and doctor location criteria and the time slot. Our team of expert back-end developers managed to overcome this situation by applying custom logic that helped them fetch the available doctors as per the defined criteria.

2. Showing Address Route On Map:

If a patient demands a house call or office visit, the patient's address and location are shown in their profile. After accepting the request, whenever a doctor clicks on the patient's address, an entire direction to the patient's addresses is supposed to be opened on another screen. It was indeed a quite time-consuming and challenging task for our developers. Our Android and iOS development team managed this task by integrating Google Map, where they fetch locations and draw an entire route to patient's address through the get route() and the Draw Polyline() method.

3. Language Support:

The language was one of the most significant obstructions faced during the application launch. To maintain the application standard, Our development team integrated third-party tools and SDK, which allows an app to load in the selected language. Based on the device language, an entire app is loaded into that particular language chosen.

4. Speech To Text Conversion:

After appointment completion, a doctor can enter their suggestion or notes through speech and text both. Whenever a doctor/physician enters a note through speech, converting their voice in the text format was one of the significant issues to be handled during app development. Our iOS and Android app developers managed this scenario by handling TextView Delegate in iOS and integrating third-party libraries in Android.
  • Android OS support : 4.3 to 6.0
  • Development :Java using Android Studio 1.2
  • Android Supported Devices :480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560
  • Language Support :English, Spanish
  • iOS OS Support : 8.0 to 9.3
  • Development : Objective-C using Xcode
  • iOS Supported Devices : iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus
  • Language Support : English, Spanish
  • Framework : Codeigniter
  • CMS : PHP, MySql
  • API : JSON format
  • Supported Browser: Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
    Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
    Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
    Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version