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Language Pickup
On-Demand Language Interpreter Provider

“Book Interpreter At Any Place & Any Time in Florida?


Language Pickup is a quick and convenient app to schedule your last-minute translator and interpreters for future assignments. Language Pickup app allows you to get verbal interpreters and written translators for any language, anywhere in the state of Florida. You need to create an account, find interpreters for a business meeting and travel assistance, chat with translators, send text, and schedule interpretation services by skilled & professional interpreters. And as a Language Pickup Interpreter, you will find various kinds of jobs, and you can plan when you want to work. With the Language Pickup app, interpreters can get fantastic work experience. So simply, they need to request login credentials. Moreover, an app allows you to live chat with your translators and track the particular translator you have hired. Simply download the Language Pickup app and be comfortable with any language in Florida.

Client Requirement

Our client realizes that many people are traveling to Florida for business or vacation. But they get stuck trying to talk with a cab driver, business meeting, and any other different language-related communication. He approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to make an online platform where translators and interpreters can deliver on-demand translation and interpretation services around the clock in Florida. Hyperlink InfoSystem has developed "Language Pickup," which helps to overcome language barriers in real-time. Language Pickup app, like having your local tour guides when you need them. "Language Pickup Interpreter" app allows Interpreters to earn income by leveraging their expertise in the best way. He wants to develop an app on both Android & iOS platforms.

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abc Language Pickup For Users

Sign up/Login

  • Sign up with basic details.
  • Login with Email ID And password.
  • Alternatively, users can log in through Facebook.

Find Interpreter

  • First, users need to choose the Language from the list.
  • Select Date, Time, Location where users need Interpreter.
  • If users have any special requirements, then they can place a comment.
  • Instantly, based on the selected category, a list of interpreters will be displayed to users.

Map View

  • The interpreter list will be displayed on a map based on the location.

Book Interpreter

  • Users can view Interpreters' details like their ratings and list of languages that they can understand.

Invoice (Assignment Details)

  • Once the user request has been accepted at that time, they will get an invoice with all details of the assignment.
  • When Interpreters complete that assignment user will get an invoice.

Pending Assignment Details

  • Users can view all pending assignment details.
  • Users can directly call, chat & track an assigned interpreter.
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All Assignment List

  • Current Tasks: Users can view details with a timer which are currently on.
  • Completed Tasks: Users will get complete information with the total duration of the completed Task.

Chat With Interpreter

  • Users can chat with the interpreter through simple text chat.

Payment Details

  • Once an assignment is complete, users will get the invoice for the same.
  • Payment will be made outside an app through cheque.


  • Users can view and edit their profile.

Rate & Review

  • Based on experience & communication, users can give ratings and reviews to Interpreters.


  • When the interpreter accepts/rejects the assignment.
  • When the interpreter cancels the project after accepting.
  • When the interpreter stops a particular assignment.
  • When the interpreter completed any assignment.
  • When the interpreter sends a message for chatting.
  • When payment is not made through cheque, even after 20 days, then the notification will be sent to the user to complete the payment.
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abc Language Pickup Interpreter For Interpreters

Sign up & Login

  • Sign up With Basic Details.
  • Login With Email ID And Password.

Select Languages

  • Interpreters need to select languages from the available list that they can speak and fluently communicate with users.

Select Availability

  • Interpreters can select the availability of days and select start time to end time.

View Task

  • Interpreters can view Task with Calendar view.

Customer Request Popup

  • Interpreters will get Popup when an app is running so they can directly reject or accept any request.

View Task

  • Interpreters can view Task with Calendar view.

All Assignment Details

  • Current Assignment
  • Pending Assignments
  • Completed Assignments

Current Assignment Details

  • Once interpreters start assignment by tapping on a button, they have to stop and complete the timer after completing the current assignment.
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Chat With User

  • Interpreters can chat with users through simple text chat if users need any quick help.

Map Direction

  • Interpreters can view the direction on a map about service location.


  • After completion of an assignment, Interpreters can send invoices (Order Details) to the user.


  • Interpreters have to collect their payment through cheque from Users.


  • Interpreters can view and edit their profile.

Rate & Review

  • Based on the experience, interpreters can give ratings and reviews to Users.


  • When Interpreters receive a task request.
  • After accepting users request, users cancel that task.
  • When user sends message to Interpreters.
  • When Interpreters set particular availability timings.
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abc Admin Panel & API

Language Management

  • Active/Inactive Languages
  • Add/Edit Languages
  • Export Languages Report to Excel
  • Filter by Name, Status & Action

User Management

  • Add/Edit and Delete Users
  • View all details of Users
  • Active/Inactive Users
  • Export Users Report to Excel
  • Filter by Users Different Details

Interpreters Management

  • Add/Edit and Delete Interpreters
  • View All Details of Interpreters
  • Active/Inactive Interpreters
  • View/Edit and Update Interpreters Availability Time
  • Export Users Interpreters to Excel

Task Management

  • Pending Task - View all details of the pending tasks and their status.
  • Assigned Task - View details of the assigned tasks and their status.
  • Running Task - View details of the running tasks and their status.
  • Completed Task
    - View details of completed tasks and their status.
    - Edit Invoice amount
    - If payment is made, then admin can change status Unpaid to paid.
  • Canceled Task - View details of a canceled task and its status.
  • Cancel Task by Interpreters - View details of task canceled by Interpreters.
manage language interpreter



Manage Interpreter Availability Time

As per the app scenario, Interpreters can set their availability time for a single day. So when the customer finds an interpreter for the job, our developers faced some difficulties in providing interpreter listing during developing time. To resolve this problem, we have managed the interpreter's availability by managing the proper time for a single day. When customer books a task, we check the date if an interpreter is available, then we work accordingly.

Manage Reminder for Interpreter

In an app, interpreters have given a reminder, based on the time zone at every 20 to 25th day and need to set his availability for the upcoming months. To manage the whole scenario, it was a little bit tough for our developers. As a solution, our developers have done in-depth research and done based on their time zones.



Android OS Support:
5 to 7

Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:


iOS OS Support:
iOS 9 to 11

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S , iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Language Support:

Admin Panel & API

Framework: CodeIgniter

Technology: PHP, MySQL

API: JSON format

Browser/Device Compatibility:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version