Periday Online Meeting Management System


Looking for the better meeting management system? If yes, Periday is the best place for you. Periday allows you to prepare for the meeting, help in jotting down important notes, activities, opportunities and information during the meeting and thus follow the streamlined process to get closer to the output. One of the best parts of the app is, it is synchronized with your device and Google calendar which makes it easy to schedule meetings and access meeting related data and documents remotely in a hassle-free manner. You can even add meeting attendees, documents, comments and search multiple documents. As the meeting calendar events are synchronized with the device and Google calendar, it reminds you of every event on your iOS device. You can call Periday one of the smart and cost-effective meetings management system. Download the app and get started today.

Client Requirement

A client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop a meeting management system that allows business or organizations to schedule and plan meetings remotely. The main aim of the client is to develop an iOS interface that digitizes the entire meeting system and thereby helps business to manage and schedule meetings remotely as and when required. The application should design for iPhone and iPad and is restricted to the US audiences as per our client's requirement.


  • Sign up With Basic Details

  • Login With Appropriate Details

  • Auto-Synchronization

    • Auto-sync Of Meeting Details In The Device And Google Calander
  • Create Meeting

    • Add Meeting Details Like Title, Calendar, Documents And Notes
    • The User Can Also Create Notes Of The Particular Meeting
    • An Auto Reminder Is Set To Notify Users Before Meeting
  • Create Notes

    • View Meeting Notes
    • Create And Update Notes

  • Create Opportunities

    • View Opportunities List
    • Create And Update Opportunities
  • Documents

    • View Document List
    • Upload Documents
    • Share Documents With The Management Or Colleagues Through email
  • Search

    • To Streamline The Entire Process, The App Initiates Search Functionality Where You Can Find Various Meetings Information, Document And Notes Easily.


Integration of Salesforce :

During the creation of opportunities, if a user wants to add account name, they need to register themselves in the Salesforce CRM. Integration of Salesforce was indeed a challenging task during mobile app development. The challenge was to fetch user data and store in Salesforce SDK. However, our developers overcome this scenario by integrating Salesforce SDK in the app.

Synchronization Of Application With Google Calander :

Whenever a user schedules any meetings, the event details needs to be synchronized with the device and Google calendar. Synchronization of app data with the Google calendar was quite difficult. Our developers managed to sync application with Google calendar by fetching data from the server and synchronized user data with Google calendar and thus managed to store meeting information in the Google calendar.

Split User Interface :

As the screen type of iPad is landscape, there is an entire change in the user interface of the iPad app. Whenever a user selects any particular item from the menu, that item view needs to be presented on the same landscape in different view. Transfer of data between two different view and controller was very tricky and challenging. However, our developers with their custom logic managed the scenario by splitting entire UI into two frames and each representing different views and controllers.


  • iOS OS Support:iOS 8.0 to 10.3
  • Development:Swift using Xcode
  • iOS Supported Devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus
  • Language Support:English

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