Sadha - A Tow Truck Booking Application


In such a fast-paced life surrounded by smartphones and technology, Sadha application is designed to change the way roadside assistance utility rendered by leveraging the services with cutting-edge technology. It is one of the best platforms that streamlines the process of connecting customers with the tow truck drivers. The app is quite simple and easy to use. With Sadha app, a customer can request to the closest tow drivers based on the entered location and confirm their tow ride. Sadha app will calculate the ride fare based on the location distance. Additionally, customers choose their truck type, view past, current and future ride history, track their ride and can also book future tow rides. To encourage hassle free payment, tow fare is received in cash. So, just download the Android and iOS app to get the safe and distinctive towing service within minutes.

Today, where people are busy doing their work, sparing time to find the tow drivers or the organization providing such service is quite tedious. Witnessing the increasing importance of smartphones and technology in our life, a client from Kuwait approached Hyperlink Infosystem to develop a native Android and iOS interface that connect online customers to the offline tow drivers. The main aim of the client was to provide an online platform where customers can connect to the closest drivers, avail reliable and safe towing and also track their ride to be assured of the asset. The application is developed for the middle east regions like Saudi Arabia, UAE, QATAR, Bahrain and Kuwait and designed for the Middle East civilians.


Sadha – For Customers

  • Signup
  • Login - Using Email And Facebook
  • Forgot Password
  • Create, View And Edit Profile
  • Allow Customers To Request And Schedule Tow Ride
  • Notification Sent To Customers For Tow Ride Acceptance, Declination, And Completion
  • Google Map For Location Purpose
  • View History Of Completed Tow Ride
  • Communication Between Driver And Customer Via Phone Number And SMS
  • Give Driver's Feedback
  • Allow Customers To Share The Application Link Via Facebook, Whatsapp, And Email
  • Cash Payment
  • Display Payment Receipt After Tow Ride Completion
  • Allow Customer To Track The Current Status Of Their Vehicle
  • Calculation Of Tow Fare Based On The Entered Location Points
  • Scheduling Future Tow Rides
  • Options To View App In English Or Arabic

Sadha – Driver App

  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Create And View Profile
  • Acceptance Or Declination Of Tow Ride
  • Communication Between Driver And Customer Through Phone Number And SMS
  • Notification Send To The Driver For New Tow Ride Request
  • Update Driver Availability Status
  • View History Of Completed Tow Ride
  • View List Of Scheduled Tow Ride

Sadha – Admin panel

  • User Management
    • Manage User Profiles
    • View, Add And Delete Customers
  • Driver Management
    • Manage Driver Profiles
    • View, Add And Delete Drivers
    • Manage Driver Documents And Details
  • Manage Customer And Driver Tow Ride Reports


The language was one of the biggest barriers faced during the app launch. In order to maintain the app standard, our developers localized the app by developing an interface that allow customers to select between English and Arabic language. Based on their selection, the entire app is translated into that particular language.

Generally, every app allows customers to select the driver as per their preference. But to give the better experience, whenever a customer enters their location, their request is assigned to the nearby drivers based on their location. Fetching nearby drivers by tracking customer's entered location was one of the biggest issues faced during app development. Our developers managed this scenario by integrating custom API that allow customers to avail tow service in a swift manner.

Android OS Support:
4.0 to 5.3

Android Studio 2.2

Android Supported Devices:
800*480, 1280*720, 1920*1080

Arabic, English

iOS OS Support:
iOS 7 or 8.1, 8.2, 8.3

Objective-C using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus

Arabic, English

PHP CodeIgniter Framework, HTML5


Browser/Device Compatibility:
IE 9.0+, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari

Arabic, English

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