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San3a app helps the user to search for services and providers for various services that might need on a day to day basis. Users will live a unique experience away from searching for a provider in the real market. It is far from the difficulty of finding providers in the labor market on the ground. The process it carries needs to log in, post-service that you want, and wait for service providers to work on your offer. When you select your service provider, you will contact them until the entire job is done. Once the service providers complete their tasks, service posters can give reviews and ratings for their services easily through an app! You can have all your urban lifestyle services under the same roof; it makes it easy for you to pick the best service provider from available offers. Service finder can hire service providers as soon as possible or book them. The San3a app is a friendly neighborhood for everything! San3a app has two applications: for Service finders and the second one is for Service providers.


San3a app allows posting services and hiring trusted service providers to outsource their work and your preferred location.

San3a pro

San3a app helps the user add and provide services to customers in various fields like plumbing, car washing, beauty service, etc. An application of service providers supports the user to increase the customers and access to them. The users can add various services too.

Client Requirements

client requirement

It can be tough to find a service provider who fulfills your needs based on time or cost. Our client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to make an Android and iOS platform interface that creates a bridge between customers and providers. After team discussion and hard work, the Hyperlink InfoSystem team has developed a San3a app where people can find professionals for their home or office for almost every urban lifestyle services. For Service providers, we have developed the San3a pro app where he/she can earn money by providing their services to nearby clients.


San3a – For Customers

  • Signup Using Email or Facebook
  • Login with appropriate account credentials or with Facebook
  • Post-service with time
  • One-To-One chat between customers and service providers
  • View current, past, and pending tasks
  • View and edit Profile
  • Google Maps For Navigation
  • Ratings and Reviews for service providers
  • Notify customers in below scenarios:
    • 1. Task Confirmation
    • 2. Task Cancellation
    • 3. Task Started
    • 4. Provider sends quotation

San3a Pro: App For Service Provider

  • Log in with the assigned credentials
  • Choose services and price from the available List
  • View list of current, past, pending, and completed tasks
  • Bid on the post - Include a budget for later order
  • View and edit profile
  • Ratings and Reviews for customers
  • Notify service providers in below scenarios:
    • 1. Task Acceptance
    • 2. Task Confirmation
    • 3. Task Cancellation
plumbing service

Admin Panel Features

Users Management

  • Admin can verify users
  • Active/Inactive users
  • View, edit and delete user information
  • Export users details

Supervisor Management

  • Admin can verify supervisors
  • Active/Inactive supervisors
  • View, edit and delete supervisors' information
  • Export supervisors' details

Payment Settlement Management

  • View supervisor for a settlement payment
  • Admin can settle those amount through admin panel.
  • View settlement order listing

Category Management

  • Add, edit new category for services
  • Active/Inactive categories
  • View and add sub categories' details
  • Export categories' details and search from subcategory listing

Order Management

  • Manage order with status
  • Export orders details in excel sheet
  • Active/Inactive orders
  • View order details

Payment Settlement History Module

  • Listing of settlement payment history
  • View list of settlement order history
  • Export payment settlement details


Settlement Management from Admin Side

As per the client requirements, right now we have an order option for booking in only cash manner, so in the future, if the client has to receive money from the service provider side, what kind of amount it receives all the details are in the settlement module, and it should be challenging to manage to service provider wise payment. After some team discussion and research, they have handled this scenario very easily.

Cancellation Charge Management

As per the client scenario, if a user canceled the order after a start, then the cancellation charge will be applied, and when the user books another order, they want to pay the last cancel order amount at the finish time. The cancellation charge calls the user to pay for the next use.




iOS OS Support:
iOS 9.0 to 11.0(officially 11.0 but will work on 12.0 above as well)

Swift 4.0 using Xcode 10.1



Android OS Support:
Android 5.0 to Android 8.0

Java using Android Studio 3.3


Website & Admin Panel

PHP/NodeJs, CodeIgniter Framework


REST API in JSON format