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Are you among those parents whose kids often fail to participate in extracurricular activities due to heavy congestions on roads? If yes, then Schooped is one of the best apps that specially designed for school going kids. It is a revolutionary app whose main agenda is to organize transportation and raise funds, which can help cut the education budget that may obstruct students' progress and help by providing them equal opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. In this app, parents can work voluntarily pick up & drop other students along with their children on the way to school. The application is based on parent and child relationships. Parents whose children have utilized the app and requested pick and drop can voluntarily donate as a donation. Now won't be an excuse to obstruct the student's progress and extracurricular activities with the app Schooped. So, just download the app and help in raising funds for the education of tomorrow.

Schooped Client Requirement

Funding the future foundation- A US-based company approached Hyperlink Infosystem to develop an interface that helps them raise education funds to better the community. The Schooped platform invites parents to voluntarily involve them in picking up and dropping off other students along with their children on the way to school, where parents are obliged to donate some amount. The client's main aim is to provide equal opportunities to the students in furthering their education by cutting down the education budget to a great extent. The app is designed for the US inhabitants and developed on the iOS platform.


Schooped - Student/Parent Application

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Allow Parents To Add Address And Student's School Details
  • Validation Of Card Details
  • Google Maps For Navigation
  • Show List Of Available Rides On The Map
  • Allow Students To Schedule A Ride
  • Allow Students To Select Driver From The Available List
  • Notify Parents For Approval Of Student's Requested Ride
  • Notify Parents During Student Pickup And Drop-Off
  • Track Of Student's Location On The Map
  • Manage Payment Through “worldpay�?
  • Rating For Drivers

Schooped – Chauffeur App

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Allows To Add Address And Payment Details
  • Upload Car Pictures And Details
  • View Map For Pickup Order
  • Accept Or Decline Ride Request
  • Generate ETA For Each Student
  • Accept Multiple Ride Request
  • Rating For Students

Admin panel

  • Manage Students:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Students Profile
  • Manage Parents:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Parents Profile
  • Manage Chauffeur:
    • View, Edit, And Delete Chauffeur Profile
  • Report Management:
    • Admin Can Generate Chauffeur & Child Trip And Payment Report
  • Maintain School Information


The Schooped application is based on the parent and child relationship. Whenever a student is registered in the app, it needs to confirm his/her registration under the parent account. It wasn't easy to associate and manage relationships between parents and student accounts during the app development. Our developers managed this scenario by introducing a unique "student activation code" generated in the parent's account. This activation code is assigned to each student registered under the particular parent account, and thus the parent-child relationship is maintained in the entire app.

Whenever the chauffeur accepts a student ride request, there comes a scenario where a single destination may contain multiple routes to reach. It was quite challenging for the chauffeur to find out numerous pickups and drop-off location path. Our developers managed this scenario by using Google API Waypoints. Using Waypoints, the chauffeur can get the course of multiple pickups and drop-off locations more easily.

To carry out the payment procedure, the client insisted on integrating the "Worldpay" payment gateway. It was challenging to integrate payment gateway due to its high level of complexity and customization. Our strong back-end team implemented a payment gateway with in-depth research and analysis as per the client's custom requirement.

iOS OS Support:
iOS 7.0 to 9.3

Objective-C using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus


JSON format

Supported Browser:
Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer : Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version