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About Smart Shuttle

Smart Shuttle is a reliable and efficient transportation app for kids. An app has a real-time vehicle tracking to ensure the utmost safety of all the children that take in buses by aware their parents about children. There are two types of app, one is for parent and the second one is for a driver. Drivers assure that children are dropped off in record time for school and picked up in time for the journey back home. Student attendance report functionality is also integrated into the app. An app has a live notification on the whereabouts of your kids via the parent app. Smart Shuttle is the best solution for busy parents, Schools and bus drivers as well.

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Clients Requirement

As we turn the wheel of innovation every day, we come across a world that has an ever-growing appetite for efficiency and innovation and the education sector is no exception to this. Many parents whose kids often fail to participate in extracurricular activities due to heavy congestions on roads. The client wanted to provide safe and reliable transport services and transport management solutions to parents for their child's transportation at the highest levels of safety and quality. Parents can rest assure with school bus transportation service, your child will arrive at his/her destination safe and on time in an environment-friendly bus. A client researched on multiple app development companies and finally came to Hyperlink InfoSystem to discuss his idea. We have developed "Smart Shuttle Parent" app for Parents where they can book school bus for their child's school transportation and second "Smart Shuttle Drivers" where drivers can register as users to provide transport service on his predefined available time.


Smart shuttle parent

Login / Signup:

  • Sign up with basic details like name, email, password and phone number verification.
  • Users can login with Facebook or email and password.

Track School Bus:

  • Parents can view the real-time tracking of the school bus.
  • Parents can view the estimated time and distance of school bus from the pickup point of their children before the driver picked up children.

Change Pick Up Point:

  • Parents can change the pickup point of their children.

View Attendance:

  • We have integrated attendance system where parents can view the attendance of their children. Parents can view their child's attendance by selecting the date.

Generate Report:

  • Parents can generate reports for their students between selected dates in calendar. They can download or email those reports.
app login for parents

Apply For Leave:

  • Parents can apply leave for their child using the app.

Driver Profile:

  • Parents can view all the information of drivers like picture, name, experience, email, and phone number.


  • Parents can update profile, set radius, set speed limit and change a password.


Parents will be notified in the following scenarios

  • A driver will start the trip
  • Driver set bus late alert
  • Driver reached to pick up point of children
  • Driver touch the radius set by a parent
  • Child Picked up
  • Child Dropped
  • Driver crosses the speed limit set by a parent
  • Admin approves the change pick up point request
view attendance

Smart Shuttle Driver


  • A driver can simply log in with phone number and password

Select Trip:

  • Drivers can select the trip: morning trip or evening trip

Start Trip:

  • Drivers can start a trip after reaching the start point. Drivers can not start a trip until he reaches the start point.
  • They can set bus late alert by providing the reason for late. When a driver will set the bus late alert than parents will receive the notification.

Schedule Route:

  • Drivers can view the route on a map.
  • Drivers can see the list of student.
  • Drivers can mark a student as pick up after picking up student, mark as drop after dropping the student and mark as absent when a student is absent.
  • Drivers cannot complete the trip until he marks all the student as a drop or absent.

View Attendance:

  • Drivers can see the attendance by selecting the date from the calendar.


  • Drivers can update profile, change a password and contact to admin.
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Admin Panel Features


  • Dashboard: Admin can find brief information about the whole application from the dashboard like how many schools, transport panels, drivers are available in the application.


  • Admin can add, edit, delete any subscription packages separately for school and transport panel. Also, admin can decide the package features like which Notification parent will receive or which SMS parent will receive who subscribes to this package.


  • Admin can see all the vehicles added from school or transport company and edit/delete them if it is required.


  • Admin can view all the trips by status like scheduled trips, ongoing trips and completed trips with filters Like morning trip or evening trip, etc..


  • Admin can manage Reasons for Bus Late alerts and also for SOS warnings.

App Content:

  • Manage static page content like about us, terms and conditions and privacy policy.


  • Admin can manage frequently asked questions (add, edit, remove).

All Users Management

School Panel:

  • Admin has the rights to add, edit, delete or active/inactive any school.

Transport Panel:

  • Admin has the rights to add, edit, delete or active/inactive any transport company.


  • Admin can active/inactive or delete any parent and view all details.


  • Admin can active/inactive or delete any driver and view details.


  • Admin can view the child’s added from school or transport company and delete them.
smart shuttle admin panel
smart shuttle admin panel

School Admin


  • School Admin can see list of subscription packages and details added by admin and purchase any subscription package from there Or Increase the limits of a student in subscription package from there after purchasing any subscription package.

Transport Company:

  • School Admin have the rights to add, edit, delete or active/inactive any Transport.


  • School admin has rights to add, edit or delete any vehicle.


  • School Admin can create, edit, remove or active/inactive any drivers. Drivers will receive their application login credential on SMS.


  • Admin can view all the trips by status Like Scheduled Trips, Ongoing Trips and Completed trips with filters Like morning Trip or Evening trip, etc.


  • School admin can send a notification to his drivers from here.


  • School admin can add, edit, delete any children and also assign any parent to that child and assign vehicle and decide the pickup stop that children.

Trips Report:

  • School admin can generate trips report by any vehicle, drivers, dates or arrival status like a completed trip on time or Late.

Applied Leaves:

  • School admin can see the leaves applied by any parents and approve the leave from there and also remove after that.

Change Pickup Point Request:

  • Any parents can request a school panel to change the pickup point and admin will approve their request or reject them.

Contact us:

  • School admin can see all contact us by parents and also reply to them by mail from here.

App Content and FAQ’s:

  • School panel can see all content and FAQ’s set by super admin.
school admin manager
school admin manager

Transport Company

1 ) Independent Transport Company:

  • Added by admin which have all the features same as the school panels admin.

2 ) Normal Transport Company:

  • Added by any school (Private transport company of any school) which has limited features with compare to independent transport panel.
admin panel for transport company
admin panel for transport company

Style Guide


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Primary font: 'Open Sans', 'HelveticaNeue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif;

Primary font italic: 'Open Sans', 'HelveticaNeue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif;

Primary font bold: 'Open Sans', 'HelveticaNeue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif;


Show the Estimated Distance and Estimated Time:

As per the client's requirement, parents can be able to see the estimated distance and the estimated time of school bus to pick up point for their children before picking up the children. To manage this functionality was a little bit tough. But after lots of research, this difficult task was achieved by applying custom logic on distance and time received by custom path drawer class.

Real-time Navigation Path With Multiple Pick up Points:

As per an app scenario, when the driver starts the trip, the map shows the path between the driver’s current location and the school location with multiple pick up points. It is necessary to update the path as the driver moves on the road. To manage this map view with multiple pick up points was a little bit tough for our developers. But after some deep research, this crucial task was achieved by applying the custom logic on Google's path drawing API.


Android OS Support: Android 5.0 to 8.0

Development: Kotlin using Android Studio

iOS OS Support: iOS 9.0 to 11.3

Development: Swift using Xcode

Technology: PHP, Codeigniter Framework

Database: MySQL


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