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TaskNinza is an online platform to get the best professionals in various services that one can need on day to day basis. With the help of TaskNinza App, you can book various household services at time and place of your own choice. All services like house cleaning, yard maintenance, home repair, moving, furniture setup, home design, and several other great service options are given by the professionals who are qualified to do a job in an accurate way possible. You just need to log in, post a task, and wait for service professionals to work on your offer. When you select your service provider, you will be in touch with them until the entire job done. Once service provider completed their task, task poster can give review and rating for their services easily through an app! Task seekers can hire service providers as soon as possible or book them later. Moreover, an app allows service providers to track customer location once he/she accept to do particular service. Really, TaskNinza is your friendly neighborhood for everything! There are two applications, one is for TaskNinza Service Provider and the second one is for TaskPosters.

  • TaskPoster

    Through this app, TaskPosters can post-task and hire trusted service providers to outsource tasks at any time and at your preferred location.

  • TaskProviders

    The TaskNinza Providers app allows Task providers to view a list of available jobs in their service category, send a quote, complete the assigned task and get paid securely.

Client Requirement

Today, where people are busy in their daily routine life, sparing time for routine services is quite tough. A client approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to build an interface for Android and iOS platform that connects service seekers to professional service providers. The main aim of the client is to launch on-demand app where people can get an excellent option to get their urban services completed in a seamless way. This is the best app for busy people who are looking for skilled professionals around their home or office for most of all urban services. Also for service providers who can earn money by providing their services to the nearby clients. They offer anything from handyman services to Health and Fitness Professional. Simply, make a post and let your community do the rest!

How it’s Works!


Tell TaskNinza what you need. It's free to post.


Get various offers from skilled Task Providers within minutes


Hire the best Task Providers for your task


Sign up/Login

  • Sign up with primary details
  • Login with email ID and password or through Facebook

OTP Verification

For secure login, you need to verify with OTP Code

Forgot Password

Forgot password available with recovery option

Task Post

  • Select services or sub-services
  • Give minimum hours and price per hour
  • Schedule service time "As Soon As Possible" and "Later"
  • Post task

View Tasks

  • Current task
  • Previous task
  • View, edit and delete task

Get service provider offer

  • View quotation
  • View reviews of service providers
  • Accept suitable service provider offer
  • View task details - Assigned/Running
  • Ratings and reviews for service providers

Chat with service provider

A Chat feature is integrated for service providers and service seekers who can communicate through chat for tasks.

Notify TaskPosters In Below Scenarios :

  • Task confirmation
  • Task cancellation
  • Payment success
  • New promo code
  • Nearby service provider
  • Start/Pause/Reset and complete timer by service provider


Give ratings and review to TaskProviders for their services

Sign Up

  • Sign up with your basic details
  • Login with the assigned credentials

OTP Verification

For secure login confirm with OTP Code

Update Your Profile with details of your expertise :

  • Select specialization
  • Hourly Rate
  • Description of you

Forgot Password

Forgot password available with recovery option

Send Quotation

  • Add a comment
  • Estimated time
  • Service cost per hour
  • Send quotation for a particular task

Task Assigned

  • Servide Provider will start service timer when task is started
  • Get direction of particular service place
  • Chat with TaskPoster

Task completed

  • When Task is completed task provider have to complete service and stop timer
  • Generate Invoice


Give ratings and review to TaskPoster

Notify TaskProviders In Below Scenarios :

  • Task confirmation
  • Task cancellation
  • Task accepted
  • Payment success

Manage TaskPosters

View, edit and delete Task Posters

Manage Service Providers

  • Add, view, edit and delete service providers
  • View, edit bank information
  • View OTP verification pending or verified

Manage Service

  • Add, view, edit and delete main and sub Services

Manage Task

  • Pending Task

    View and edit order type (order now and later) and its status

  • Assigned Task

    View details of Task Poster and Service Provider

    View cost, time and date

  • Running Task

    View details of Task Poster and Service Provider

    View cost, time and date

  • Completed Task

    View payment and order status

  • Cancelled Task

    View details of task

Set Promo Code

Payment Gateway

Stripe payment gateway integrated for secure payment


Manage Timer in Background

In iOS, any app will work until 3 Minutes in a Background. So when Task provider starts a timer and it went in the background at that time developers could not manage time. The challenge was when service provider opens an app from a background, a time was taken more than 3 minutes but it will be counted from last 3 minute. Our developers managed this scenario by integrating custom API and by getting a current time that managed timer smoothly and even an app works in the background.

Getting Nearest Service Provider

From Taskposter's current location, it needs to display nearest task providers on the map. Fetching nearby particular service providers from customer's current location was one of the major challenges faced during app development. Our developers managed this scenario by integrating custom API that allows getting nearest service providers details and displays it on the map.



Android OS support :
4.3 to 7

Development :
Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices :
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920,1440x2560

Language Support :


iOS OS support :
iOS 8.0 to 10

Development :
Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported :
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S , iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Language Support :

Website & Admin Panel:

Framework : CodeIgniter

Technology : PHP, MySQL

API : JSON format

Browser/Device Compatibility :
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version

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