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– Social App For Crime Reporting

crime reporting app
social app for crime reporting


Tell99 application helps you report any unpleasant incidents such as destructive behavior, bullying, or any crime. Suppose users find themselves or other people in an inappropriate situation, then by using the Tell99 app, they can call the emergency service 911 right away or by capturing the pictures or taking the video of that accident they can also report about that unpleasant event quickly. Tell99 app is a blessing for those people who are shy or afraid to report any unpleasant situation. These filled reports will be forwarded to the admin's appropriate authority. The main thing is that if the people [ who reported the incident ] want to be anonymous, they can remain anonymous. People can share these reports and let others know about what they've seen or experienced. Eventually, the Tell99 is not just an application. it is a voice of people who want to bring awareness to society and the community against bad or inappropriate behavior. Tell99 also believes that along with the wrong people there are also good people in this selfish world who are providing their kindness by doing selfless acts often, so people can share the kindness of that kind of people also by capturing the photo or taking the videos of that selfless acts of kindness. Tell99 also provides the organizations' references or the committees that already began their work of Improving society and community. People can take the initiative to make this world better, beautiful, and safe By choosing the Tell99 application.

Client Requirements

A client of the Tell99 application wanted to change people's mentality regarding filling the reports about bad behavior, bullying, or any crime. The client wanted an easy, reliable, and efficient system to file the report from the common peoples' viewpoint. Our client did not want the people to be afraid or shy to file the report against the bad behavior, bullying, or any crime. The client wanted to use an easy, efficient and reliable way to file the report, and they also wanted to save people's time. The main goal is to make the kind of digital platform for common people where they can easily file reports, so they came with the idea of an application like Tell99. Nowadays, people use their smartphones smartly, so the decision of making the Tell99 application is smart. Our client approached Hyperlink Infosystem with this beautiful idea and converted their idea into reality successfully.

tell99 crime reporting app

App Features

social app for crime reporting


  • Users can register to the Tell99 app by providing their appropriate information like name, email, phone number, Password, etc.
  • Users can register to the Tell99 application using social accounts, like Facebook, Google, and Apple.


  • Users can log in using the username - password, email - password, or mobile number - password.

Forgot Password:

  • Users can get passwords from their email Id or phone number.


  • In the Report section, users can file their reports and proofs like digital photos and videos, using 3 different types: Bullying, Crime, and Selfless acts of kindness.
  • The filled report will be approved by the admin.
  • In the Feed section, users can see the filed reports of other users also.
  • Using the calling button, users can directly call an emergency number.

My Profile:

  • Users can see their information like name, username, email, mobile number, and if users want to update that information, then they can also do that from there.

My Reports:

  • Users can see the list of reports which are filed by them earlier, and they can see those reports in detail also.

Type Of Report:

  • In this section, users can see different kinds of resources related to reporting types.
crime reporting app

App Screenshots

Admin Panel Features

crime reporting app admin management


  • Admin can edit their profile name, Image, Country Code, Phone Number, Email, Password, Address.


  • Here, the admin can view the total number of registered users, the total number of reports, and the total number of pending reports.

Users Management:

  • Admin can view a list of all app users and their details and edit and delete user information.

Report Management:

  • Admin can submit reports with report types like bullying, crime, the self act of kindness, and other information like name of the user, email, description, address, date of the incident, bullied name, bullies name, victim name, perpetrator name, media like photos and videos.
tell99 admin

Report List:

  • Admin can view a list of all reports added by user and admin and check their details. Admin can apply a filter based on report type and date & time. Admin also able to export report data and edit and delete any report.

Pending Report Management:

  • The pending report allows the admin to view reports added by the user and approve or disapprove them. After admin approval, that report will be displayed on the app.

Bullying Report:

  • Admin can view a list of all bullying reports and check their details and also be able to edit and delete that report.
tell99 admin

Crime Report:

  • Admin can view a list of all crime reports and check their details and also be able to edit and delete that report.

Self Act of Kindness Report:

  • Admin can view a list of all Self Act of Kind reports and check their details and also be able to edit and delete that report.

Unapproved Report:

  • Admin can view a list of all Un-approved reports by them and check their details.

CMS Pages:

  • Admin can edit the page concepts, pages like Term & Privacy Policy, Faqs, and About us.

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