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Online Platform to Pay Tip


Tipster is the easiest way to pay and receive a tip. An app is specially made for customers who want to spend their restaurant bill online and want to give directions, but they won't have any cash. Nowadays, all the people are making online payments whenever they go like a restaurant, traveling, etc.. What you need to do! Just type in the unique four-digit code of the person you want to tip. The best part of an app is either a waiter, delivery driver, or hairdresser - you can receive tips directly to your bank account with Tipster. Reward excellent service and decide whom tip and how much perfect for when you don't have cash! Tipster is great for business owners too - attract and retain motivated staff and save on NI Contribution.

app to pay tip

Client Requirement

Our client believes that tip is a voluntary gift from the customer to the person providing the service and that tips should, therefore, not be covered as part of your employment contract. Nowadays, customers prefer to pay online, and when you don't have any cash, how can customers give tips to a service provider? A client has a unique idea for providing tip to the workers. Our client wanted to develop an application from where a customer can give a tip, and any staff members received a tip quickly by sharing their four digits unique code with any customers. A client wants only one app for both customers who give any tip and service providers who can receive tips. He approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop "Tipster," where customers can happily provide a tip for the service provider for their excellent service with some exciting in-app features. He wanted to create an app for both Android and iOS platforms.

How Tipster Works!

Service Provider:

  • 1) Receive a pack in the post including cards for customers and a badge with your unique code.
  • 2) Share your code with customers to receive tips directly through an app.
  • 3) Earn rewards by referring friends.


  • 1) Type in the unique 4 digit code of the person you want to tip.
  • 2) Specify the amount you wish to tip and confirm.
  • 3) Reward great service and make their day!


Sign up:

  • Customers can directly use this app without any signup process.
  • Workers need to Sign up through email id and password.


  • Once workers Sign up after that they can log in through their passcode or thumbnail.

Give Tip:

  • Customers need to enter workers' 4 digit code and add Tip amount.

View Total Earnings:

  • Workers can able to see their total earnings which customers have given as a Tip.

Tip History:

  • Workers or customers can see their received tip / given tip history.

Change Bank Details:

  • Workers or customers can change their Bank details for payment.

Tipster Wallet:

  • Tipster will transfer worker's amount from Tipster wallet to their respective bank account fortnightly.

Admin Panel Features

Receiver Details:

  • Active/Inactive receiver account
  • View receiver details
  • View purchase offers for particular receiver

Payer Details:

  • View Payer details.

Offers Management:

  • Active/Inactive offers
  • View, add, edit and delete offers

Referral Package Management:

  • Active/Inactive offers
  • View, add, edit and delete offers

Lost Badges Management:

  • Change status of Lost Badges

Referral Cards Management:

  • Change status of Lost Badges
app to give tip


Single App For Workers & Customers:

Clients wanted to develop a single app for both users, workers, and customers. To manage both users' action on time in a single app was a little bit tough task. After integrating some technical logic, our developers worked everything successfully.

To Handle Data On Offline Mode:

A client wanted to develop an app that works in offline mode also. Users can see their details like total earning, payment details, address details, and much more in offline mode also. Our developers have managed to sync this whole data when an app is on online mode, and then they provide that data on offline mode.



Android OS Support:
5 to 8

Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:


iOS OS Support:
9.0 to 11.0

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

Admin Panel & API Features

Language Support: English

Framework: CodeIgniter

Technology: PHP, MySQL

API: JSON format

Browser/Device Compatibility:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version,
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version,
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version,
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version