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Now recall the best moments you cherished and share it with the world with Wapsta. Wapsta is one of the best social media platforms that allow you to connect with millions of people across the world that are sharing the things that you love. Now create and share your moments has become easy with Wapsta. Add photos and videos to different categories, follow friends & have a look at their updates, explore different categories and watch all the moments that you love. If someone like your post, they can share it with their network through Facebook and Twitter. You can even discover the interest of your friends and people surrounding you through post views, likes, and comments. One of the best parts of the app is you can even search your favorite photos or videos by various filters like people, photos, videos, hashtag, and location. Apart from that, you can even choose whom to share your photos and videos and can send multiple text messages to your followers back and forth to keep the conversation going. We understand that users are always concerned about their privacy and so the app provides various privacy settings where users can restrict their profile, message, and tag access and also block the uninvited person and thereby safeguard their account. So, just download the app now and explore the world.

Client Requirement

social media app

Everybody loves to click a photo but simply clicking the photo is not enough. Today, people want their friends and family to have a look at the photos clicked on some event. Witnessing such increasing vogue towards photos and selfie's, the client seemed that photo-sharing app would be the right place to invest. They approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop a photo/video sharing app where people can share their memories with the world and tag their friends, chat with them and lot more. The app is developed on iOS platform and designed for global audiences.


1. Signup and Login:

Signup with basic details like name, username, profile picture etc.

Login with appropriate credentials. Alternatively, users can login through Facebook.

2. Forgot Password:

Forgot Password with recovery options

3. Home Screen:

It display list of photos and videos posted by users. Users can view post date, likes, comments, views and post caption. Users can watch all the post individually under photos and videos tabs.

4. Upload Photo/Video:

The app allow users to upload photos or videos by entering below information:

Add Caption

Tag people or add Hashtag

Add location

Select Photo/Video category

The App allow users to choose their upload type. It means user have the option to share their photo either with everyone or with the selected group of people.

5. Like, Comment, Share & Report:

If users like some particular post, they can express their gestures by doing like and comment on that particular post. They can even share the post on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and if found inappropriate or irrelevant, they can even report the post.

6. Connect:

Now users can keep a track of various updates regarding their post through connect feature. It allow users to view likes, comments and views on their photos or videos. Users can even track interest of their friends on the various posts under updates tab.

7. Search:

Users can search the post in below ways:






8. Send Request:

Users can add friends in their list by sending follow request to the people. They can even follow public user profiles.

9. Profile:

Users can view and edit their profile details like profile picture, user description, username, cover photo etc.

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wapsta social media sharing app
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10. Messaging:

In order to enjoy seamless communication with friends and beloved, Wapsta allow users to send text messages back and forth to keep conversation going. The messages are categorized as:

Private Message:

If both the person mutually follows each other, their message falls under private message category.

Public Message:

If only one person follows another one, their message falls under public message category.

11. Notifications:

Users are notified in below scenario:

When someone likes your photos and videos

When someone Comments on photos/videos

When someone tags you in photos/videos

12. Settings:

In order to keep account safe and restricted, users will be able to manage their account settings in below ways:

Profile Privacy:

When you turn profile privacy on, only your current followers will be able to see your profile.

Public Message:

When you turn the public message off, you will not receive messages from other users. Your private message will not be affected.

Tagged in Photos:

When you turn tagged in photos off, no one will be able to tag you in any post.


1. Managing Vertical and Horizontal Scroll:

In media category page, every category contains content into it. Eg. If there is a comedy category, it will contain an array of comedy videos or images. The app consists of a feature where users can scroll horizontally and vertically to view particular category and its content. Managing content as per horizontal and vertical scroll was indeed hard and challenging. However using custom logic and calculation, our developers managed this scenario quite efficiently.

2. Video Memory Management:

When a user clicks on two videos to play simultaneously, managing video buffer and device memory and allocating memory to video as per its stage was quite complex. Using PlayBackStateChange delegate, our developers managed this scenario quite efficiently.

social media app development

Technologies - iOS

iOS OS Support: 7.0 to 9.2

Development: Objective: C using X-Code

iOS Supported Devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus

Language: English

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