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Now, car detailers will come to you. With WashSquad, you can get your car cleaned at the office, home, shopping mall or any other location. Few seconds spend in sign up will save your long tedious hours in line. With Wash Squad, car wash booking has been so easy. Just select your car, enter your wash and address details, select package, enter payment details and book your car wash with just a single click. Serving everywhere in Newyork & London. Be a part of car wash revolution and schedule your appointment with WashSquad.

Client Requirement

Today, where people are busy bustling their work, sparing time for an activity like car wash is quite hard. Forecasting car-care growth potential, it is quite inevitable to bring a solution to the most common yet challenging problem of a car wash. A client from the USA approached Hyperlink Infosystem to develop an interface on iOS platform that connects online customers to offline services. The main aim of the client is to launch car wash app that brings car detailing service at customer's doorstep in just a few simple clicks. This solution is specially addressed to the one that has sufficient bucks but insufficient time. The application is developed for USA time zone and is designed for USA inhabitants.


During Package selection, the process was simple – Select the package and pay accordingly. But, when a customer selects supplementary service to be included in the package like waxing, air freshening and much more then it was difficult to maintain actual UI of the app. The inclusion of supplementary services in the selected package change the overall package price, making it difficult to manage application interface. Our developers managed this scenario with table view solution that handles such complex UI in most efficient manner.

Language support is one of the most important aspects of an application to outreach majority user-base. During app launch, language was the major obstacle in the way. So, to maintain app standard among different province, entire application was localized by our developers from English to French that creates ease for people residing in various parts of the world to use the app.

Finding technician was one of the major issues as you can avail services based on their availability. To avoid this situation, our backend development team dynamically managed service time zone that allows you to book car wash services based on the service provider availability. This will make process streamlined for both customers and service providers.

The WashSquad app is defined for specific parts of USA. So, it was difficult to find out the availability of the services in correspondence to the address mentioned. To solve the issue, our development team defined a feature that automatically fetch the zip code based on the address entered. With the zip code, you can know the availability of the service in the specific area or part.


  • 1. Perform Signup and Login in an application
  • 2. Confirmation mail sent after successful user signup
  • 3. Selecting car location
  • 4. Add multiple cars for service
  • 5. Selecting multiple services for a car
  • 6. Select car wash package
  • 7. Check technician availability
  • 8. Stripe integration for payment procedure
  • 9. Send Push Notification for car service status
  • 10. Giving ratings and reviews
  • 11. View Past Order Details
  • 12. Order Tracking
  • 1. Perform Login in application.
  • 2. Push Notification regarding User's request for Car Wash Service
  • 3. Bidding on users request
  • 4. Update Availability Status
  • 5. Upload car pictures after completion of service
  • 6. View Completed Jobs History
  • 1. Registration of Technician
  • 2. Manage Technicians, User Profile, and Credentials
  • 3. Manage Services
  • 4. Manage Service Timezone
  • 5. Manage User Jobs
  • 6. Manage User Payment History
  • 7. Manage Ratings and Feedback


iOS and Website Development

iOS OS support:
iOs 7.2 to 9.3

Objective-C using Xcode

iOS Supported:
iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPAD

Joomla, Mysql

JSON Format

Supported Browser:
Mozilla Firefox : Min version 40.0 to Max version 46.0
Google Chrome : Min version 44.0 to Max version 51.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer : Min version 10.0 to Max version 11.0

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