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Wastee Food Sharing App


Wastee connects you with your neighbors to easily share your excess food instead of garbaging it. All you need to do is add photo, title, description, and price of food. You can also share your food free of cost. After reviewing your food, any nearby neighbor might send you an offer. If you are satisfied with the buyer's offer, you can accept his/her proposal or counter the offer. You can negotiate for the food you are interested in and make a deal at a price convenient to both the persons. You can chat with your buyers, and with live tracking, buyers can directly pick up the food. It's quite simple. You can also subscribe to add more food products. So, Wastee works like a food flea market around the corner where you can easily share your remnants.

Client Requirement

Each year, one-third of the food produced globally is wasted. So, the client wanted to make a world where the produced food is used. Moreover, stores make money on unsold items instead of throwing it away; users enjoy great meals at a reasonable price or free of cost; most importantly, the environment gets positive results of the decrease in food waste and the export of greenhouse gasses. With this thoughtful idea, he approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop an online platform that allows users to buy or sell wasted food from anywhere. We have developed an Android and iOS platform application where people can find a shop and place their orders through an app. The best app we developed which helps people to sell their surplus food through the Wastee app.

food sharing app


doughnutSign up/Login

  • Sign up through email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Login through email, Facebook or Twitter

doughnutForgot Password

doughnutEdit User Profile

doughnutSearch Food With Map Functionality

  • Users will get a listing of nearby food on a home screen to search for food with service type and food name.

doughnutSearch Food With Filtering Functionality

  • Users can filter food with distance, price, and service type.


  • The seller can add photo, title, description, and price to add food.
  • The seller can add a counteroffer and accept the offer.


  • The buyer and seller can chat together after a deal has been concluded.


  • The buyer can view listings of nearby food seller and their review with Map.
  • The buyer can give an offer or counter on any food.
  • After accepting a deal, the buyer can pick up the food from a seller using map tracking functionality.

doughnutRate & Reviews

  • Buyer and seller can give rates and reviews to each other.

doughnutReport Any Spam

  • Users can report any spam in the Wastee app.


  • Users can upload some food for free after that user needs to subscribe in-app for uploading more food.

Admin Panel Features

doughnutUser Management

  • Add, view, edit, and delete users
  • Active/Inactive users
  • Search user with first name, last name, phone, and email

doughnutService List Management

  • Add, update, and delete services
  • Active/Inactive services

doughnutProduct Report List Management

  • View product report
  • Send messages for their report

doughnutSubscription Management

  • Add, update, and delete subscription plan
  • View details of users who are using a subscription plan

doughnutFood Order Listing Management

  • View, edit, and delete pending, processing, and confirm food list
  • Active/Inactive pending, processing, and confirm food list


  • Admin set the criteria like food upload limit, base distance, percentage, and so on.

doughnutInquiry List Management

  • View Inquiry List
  • Admin can reply to a particular user who has sent an inquiry request.
food delivery management


To Handle Multiple Offers

When sellers add any food to sell, multiple buyers often make offers on that particular food. Even buyers and sellers can counteroffer on that food. So, it was a challenging task for our developers to display each offer and counteroffer on that food list. To solve this problem, we show the offer on the food detail screen; later, we redirect that user to another screen where the buyer or seller can review proposals and make a reasonable counteroffer.



Android OS Support:
5 to 7

Java using Android Studio 3.0.1

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

Language Support:
English, German


iOS OS Support:
iOS 9.0 and Later

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Language Support:
English, German

Admin Panel & API

Framework: CodeIgniter

Technology: PHP, MySQL

API: JSON format

Browser/Device Compatibility:
Mozilla Firefox: Min 40.0 to Max 46.0 version
Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 51.0 version
Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version
Apple Safari: Min 8.0 to Max 9.1 version