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An interactive translation that brings the entire globe together in a single discourse. Translating ideas and communicating to a wider world, efficient use for every user for any language. Users may use the app in whatever language they like, not only English. Users can translate from one language to another in real time using an app. Users can use the text translation as well as use the speak on the click option while clicking on the mic icon to translate.

translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app
translation app

Client Requirements

The main objective was to create an application that converts text from one language to another, to communicate swiftly. Breaking the language barriers and giving people knowledge for each language. Once a translation of the text is completed, the user may browse previous translations and store them as well for future use.

translation app


Speech to text Functionality

When a user clicks on the microphone, they may begin speaking, and they can see both the original and translated text in real time.

Text to Speech Functionality

When the user quits speaking, the text is translated into the selected language, and the translated text is also spoken in the specified language.

Save the translated text

By selecting the Save icon, you may save the translation for later use.

Recent Translation

Here the viewer may examine all of the previous translations. By sliding the view to the left, the user can remove it from the most current translation.

Change App Language

The user can also change the language of the application.

Colors & Typography


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For Customers

translation app


When the user activates the microphone and begins speaking the text gets translated, when the user stops , the microphone turns off. If the user starts speaking without tapping the microphone button, the text gets translated too.

Client required both online and offline translation. For offline translation, we supplied a list of languages that were downloaded for offline use after the user clicked on it.

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.

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