Zombie Abomination

Enter The World of Zombies, Either Survives or Become A Part of It..!!


An interesting and unique game based on the story of zombies for Virtual Reality platform. This is the best game for shooting lovers, where you have to shoot zombies that come in your way to complete the goal of stages. The most exciting thing is an interesting story built behind this game. To know the story, you should play the game and complete all 3 stages. A fascinating game where everybody can have fun, fun and more fun. Zombie Abomination VR game is available on both platforms - Android and iOS


Zombie Abomination is the shooting game based on the idea of the latest technology of Gaming age - Virtual Reality. It is the first ever story-based game launched by Hyperlink Infosystem. Our developers developed this game for you to shoot the huge number of scary Zombies coming in your way. The best game with 3D effects, graphics, the sound, thriller, suspense, entertainment and visual experience. Now, what else would you demand from a game? Take Google Cardboard to play Zombie Abomination and feel the Goose Bump experience.


  • - The first person shoot game for Virtual reality
  • - Story behind the game
  • - Totally Virtual immersive environment
  • - 360 User interface
  • - No need for any button, just look at zombie to kill it
  • - Horror graphics, sound with thriller story
  • - Weapon inventory
  • - Screen size independent user interface
  • - Different types of Zombies Spices
  • - Unlock new levels and gain experience
  • - Dual mode which can be played with
  •     With VR Gadget
  •     Without VR Gadget


Real-Time Shadow For Zombies:

Due to the variation of graphic processors, there was an obvious difference in the shadow of coming Zombies with default lighting shadow. Our developers rendered some shadows for the Zombies from changing camera and implemented with the clip during development time.

Zombie Behavior:

If you already played this game then definitely you saw that every zombie that come in your way behave in a different style. To make this happen developers needed to develop AI for each and every Zombie. After developing AI, you can see the definite result.

To Achieve smooth change between crops:

The game is developed with numerous animations. One of the best challenging things was that the flow of some of this animation could have multiple ways which of course depends on the user who plays the game. After analysis on that, our developers could simply switch the animation.

Zombie spawns Management:

The position of Zombies is different like when they are coming in your way or when they attack player and also when a player shoots them. So, to manage positions of zombies, our developers used an algorithm that decides the portable zombie position.


Hyperlink Infosystem has been weighing all over the App stores with their first Virtual Reality based mobile game name as Zombie Abomination. Within the short period from app launched, we were surprised to hear that Zombie Abomination game has more than 1500+ download from the Application store. It's a matter of proud that zombie abomination gets almost 1,00,000 downloads.


Android, iOS, and Website Development

Game development Platform: Unity 3D Game Engine

Android OS Support: Android 4 or Above

Android Supported Device: 480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560

iOS OS Support: iOS 6 or above

iOS Supported device: iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, iPod, iPad

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