How Much Does An App Like Groupon Cost?

You’ve Got The Idea, You Know WhatYyou Want It To Look Like, But How Much Is Your App Like Groupon Going To Cost You To Make? Hyperlink InfoSystem Is Your Answer

Groupon is a group buying site which offers daily deals. It has become popular and widely used by many customers. Groupon gives great discounts for restaurants, retail stores, spas, theaters and other establishments which cater to the needs of their customers.

Groupon gives the customers and consumers a chance to buy goods and services at discounted prices. These discounted goods are quality goods or food that consumers can purchase in some designated stores. The Groupon discounts give the consumers a chance to save as they purchase quality goods. This can help the customers and consumers with their finances, especially during these times when everybody seems to be having problems with their budget. A 50% discount, more or less, will already be a great help in your pocket as it can already be used to purchase other things that you need.

Groupon offers advantages both to the seller/store and the buyer or the consumers. Some of the advantages include:

1. Groupon attracts or gets the attention of the consumers or customers.

2. It helps advertise and promotes your products

3. It helps slow selling or moving products which has been in your inventory list for a long time.

4. It helps build the relationship between the seller and the consumer. Giving special discounts to the customers can give the consumer a reason to buy again the products/items being offered at discounted prices.

5. Groupon helps increase income or revenue. By using the Groupon discounts or coupons, the consumer can buy more discounted products instead of settling down to buy just one item.

Because of the positive results brought about by using the Groupon discounts or coupons, some people are looking into building or creating an app which is similar to the Groupon app. Just like any other apps, the cost of building an app like another app that you like will depend upon the kind of application that you want. One important consideration is the different features that you want to create or develop. The more features you want, the higher will be the development cost. The development cost will also depend on the expertise of the developer who will develop and create your desired app. If you’ll get the services of a skilled developer who has already a great experience developing an app, you’ll most likely have to prepare a bigger amount for his professional fees. Another thing to consider is the platform that you’ll use.

If you’ll ask some experts for their opinion about the cost in developing an app, they will surely give different figures because they will base their computation on different aspects. For instance, if you use Magento Module, you’ll be given 10k to 100k base on many factors.

If you customize the Wordpress theme according to what you really like and prepare the website, you will surely incur a higher cost. On the other hand, if you develop a website from nothing or from scratch, the cost that you’ll have to pay will be lower.

Cost of app development is always a dynamic function. You can't give the exact amount until and unless you know about nature of app. But the approximate cost of creating a basic app like Groupon is differ from $2500 to $16500 depending on functionality and platforms. We can discuss in detail at your convenience!

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