How Much Does An App Like Spotify Music Cost?

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Spotify is one of the best apps on your phone, on your computer and on your tablet. It has many tracks which can give you the best music that will really fit all occasions. From there you can choose the best and quality music that only Spotify can give.
Another important feature of Spotify is that it allows you to browse and search through the music collection of their friends, favorite artist, album, genre, playlist and celebrities. It also allows you to make your own radio station where you can just sit and relax as you listen to your favorite music.
With Spotify you can subscribe and listen to the latest and craziest music. On the other hand, you can use the paid “premium” subscription to remove the advertisements, improve or develop the quality of the audio and allow you to download music so that you will have a chance to listen to your favorite music even if you’re offline. But what could be striking is the cost that should be incurred to develop an app like Spotify. According to some people the biggest cost that you will most likely shoulder will be the licensing cost. However, some people thought it otherwise; hence, they made some studies to verify if the said information is true.
To start, you have to consider Spotify’s two principal costs such as:
1. Streaming, where they pay a track fee to the MCPS/PRS, the music licensing group which represents the authors of the music and the bandwidth cost.
2. Storage/Hosting, record labels fees which represent the performers.
Another important thing to remember is that, Spotify is consists of two income streams such as the Subscriptions and Adverts. From there, the total cost incurred per month is summarized as follows:
1. Streaming costs: £126,000 per month
2. Music streaming license costs: £600,000 per month
3. Hosting costs: £100,000 per month
Spotify has already given access to about 20 million songs. Furthermore, the Spotify desktop client allowed music from iTunes to come in, giving them the option to sync with the mobile device. For instance, Users from the UK, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands have a chance to purchase available tracks from Spotifys download partner, 7digital.
Another important feature is that it allows you or the users to create and share playlists. They can also edit it along with the other users. The playlist link can easily be dragged to the email or instant messaging windows. If ever the receiver follows the link, the playlists will appear in the receiver’s Spotify-client. The players can make an auto update of the Playlists if the author will add or delete tracks. The playlist can be used in all Spotify client apps.
Spotify has also a radio feature for those with free and premium accounts. Radio makes a playlist of songs which is based on specific genres and decades.
Spotify also gives the user a chance to incorporate their account with their existing Facebook and Twitter accounts.
If you’re serious about developing an app like Spotify that actually gives value to its users, expect to spend anywhere from $3500 to $20,000. Our developers help you in implementing your ideas in a way that enhance the value of your app. Contact us for more details!

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