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03 August 2022 hire .net developers in dubai

.NET is a framework for developing a variety of applications. .NET allows you to develop online, mobile, and desktop apps and games using several languages, editors, and libraries. .NET developers utilize C#, F#, or Visual Basic. It maintains application runtimes.

.NET is language-independent. It supports several languages, including .NET-specific C#. .NET is a comprehensive platform, like Java, and .NET Core has made it feasible to extend it.

Develop your business software with us at  Hyperlink InfoSystem. These new technologies are now being used to develop corporate software, allowing for better automation, greater efficiency, and real-time insights throughout the organization.

Modern business solutions also link internal operations with business partners and networks all around the globe, providing businesses with the cooperation, agility, and speed they need today.

Understanding The Difference Between .NETAnd.NET Framework

.NETFramework developers produce Windows desktop and server apps. ASP.NET web apps included. .NET Core builds Windows, Linux, and Mac server apps. ASP.NET is a web-based technology. Microsoft created it to improve Windows websites.

ASP.NET gives several options for developing online apps. Its .NET framework basis provides data access, unit testing, SQL connectivity, etc.

Things That A Business Software Provides To Users

Business software typically includes tools for running a business, such as interactive product catalogs, automated billing systems, security, business process management, IT service management, customer relationship management, project management, collaboration, human resource management, and other functions.

However, today's business solutions are far from basic and bear little resemblance to those developed decades ago. They are now delivered over the cloud and use cutting-edge technology such as:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time reporting
  • Prediction analytics

Development Frameworks For The .NET Platform

All of our backend and logic systems are written in .NET. In addition to the well-thought-out programming language, Microsoft provides us with outstanding development tools. Hyperlink InfoSystem appreciates .NET as one of the top development platforms.

Microsoft created the .NET Framework in 2002 and has been actively developing it ever since. The framework is currently used as the foundation for all Microsoft products.

Microsoft launched a new version of .NET Core in 2016 that operates on all platforms. Furthermore, huge components of the system are now open source, and the distribution is rising all the time.

Why We Use .NET

  • It is fast. The technology impresses with its speed, which is continually increasing.
  • It's safe. The framework is built on Microsoft security technologies and is continually evolving.
  • It is adaptable. Through a vast number of accessible class libraries, the framework allows the flexible building of solutions.
  • It's dependable. Since its debut in 2002, the framework has been used to develop hundreds of applications and is very robust and dependable.
  • It's free to use. Many sections of the framework are now available as open-source code. This is particularly true for the web development framework ASP.NET.
  • It is platform-independent. The framework (.NET Core) operates on almost all known operating systems, not only Windows.

Advantages Of The Creation Of Website On The .NETPlatform

  • It's a powerful development platform and its applications demand fewer computer resources.
  • Its solution can work on multiple operating systems.
  • .NET Framework makes installing commercial apps easy. Microsoft's service auto-updates it.
  • .NET lets developers build better applications quicker, increasing their productivity.
  • .NET allows developers to create durable and reliable apps.

Languages Used For The Develop Of.NETApplication

  • Visual Basic is a straightforward language for developing safe object-oriented apps.
  • F# is an open-source, cross-platform .NET programming language. It's also object-oriented and imperative.
  • C# is straightforward, contemporary, object-oriented, and type-safe.

Advantages Of Hyperlink InfoSystem's Custom-Solution

Custom software solutions produced from scratch are usually unique and specialized. They adapt to current processes and speed up new ones. No parallels exist. Their interface is for firm personnel and consumers. All software tools are utilized. Custom software maximizes efficiency. Hyperlink InfoSystem bespoke solutions include:

  • Our staff describe the future information system's capabilities based on interviews with your employees and managers and specialized company documentation.
  • All system adjustments and additions are documented following the trial run.
  • The system's overall cost relies on the customer's demand for system modules.
  • Changing system code without qualified developers can cause issues. Administrative techniques fix the issue.

Advantages Of .NET Development

  • Libraries. NuGet simplifies library integration (a tool for working with libraries). Many libraries for different tasks.
  • Powerful integrated development environments. Visual Studio (VS) is a popular IDE. Many options make it easy to tailor your surroundings.
  • C#'s strength is its object-oriented principle. .NET projects are written in C#.
  • Multilingualism. All .NET languages are compiled into an intermediate language by the CLR. You can embed different language libraries.

Hyperlink InfoSystem Ensures Quality Development

Hyperlink InfoSystem creates exceptional websites and mobile apps. Our professionals will surpass your expectations with your projects. By entrusting our agency with management, you can focus on your main business and increase production.

Every organization requires software to manage data, enhance customer service, and streamline procedures. Various marketplaces provide software items and services to our clients. Hyperlink InfoSystem shares software development knowledge to help you choose.

Why Our Software Development Is The Best

  • Top-Quality

We test our projects on major browsers. Our software are tested for fast data processing.

  • Professionalism

We never sacrifice quality. Our organization assigns an expert to each work

  • Results-Focused

We place goal attainment before product development.We tackle even the most complicated jobs professionally by examining the client's activities and his rivals to differentiate him.

Offering Exclusive Edge Following Custom Software Development Lifecycle

Customizing and delivering cutting-edge solutions employing the custom software development lifecycle to help businesses meet their future demands



Brainstorm creative ideas to ideate them and come up with a plan to turn them into a successful smart solution.



Define the project goals, create a timeline & milestones, and build a team based on your development requirements.



Build interactive prototypes based on sketches and wireframes to illustrate and visualize the interface of the solution.



Choose the most suited tools and technologies to build the product based on the defined timeline, project score, and more.



Perform product testing through the best possible manual and automated testing methods to deploy thoroughly tested and bug-free solutions.



Deployment and launching the product that meets all the predefined criteria to make it accessible to the target audience.

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