How Much Does An App Like Easy Taxi Cost?

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Easy Taxi is another mobile application that enables the users to book a taxi and monitor it regularly. It operates in places where the partner taxis has been operating.
Easy Taxi is the most popular taxi app that can help both the drivers and the passengers. The taxi app is composed of three main apps to make its function successful: The passenger app, Driver app and Owner app. These 3 are connected to complete the whole transaction.
On the part of the driver, he is required to register with Easy Taxi. He submits his pictures and after complying all the requirements, he becomes a licensed or registered taxi driver of Easy Taxi. The passenger should also register with the app to be able to enjoy using its functionality. As a registered member of Easy Taxi you will be able to gain access and enjoy the services offered by Easy Taxi. Just like the driver and passenger, the owner is required to register with Easy Taxi. This will ensure safety and protection of the driver, passenger and owner.
In using the Easy Taxi app, the taxi driver who is already affiliated or registered with the app will received a notification that somebody needs a taxi. The taxi-driver who happens to be just around the vicinity where the passenger is located will be dispatch to pick up the passenger. He will notify the passenger that he will be the one to pick him up. The taxi owner will also be able to monitor the whereabouts of the taxi.
Easy Taxi app is a useful app which can be beneficial to the three parties. This is one reason why some people are trying to figure out how to develop an app like Easy Taxi. Developing an app like Easy Taxi can both be easy and difficult. It is difficult if you don’t have a skilled developer; it is easy if you have a developer.
The total development cost in developing or cloning an app will depend on the features that you would like to be included in your apps. Usually the taxi app cost ranges from 5k to 6k, but this estimate could still go higher because of the features and the professional fees that your developer will charge or require you to pay.
There are two kinds of developer: the professional developer and the freelance developer. In most cases the professional developer will charge a higher developing cost compared to the freelance developer.
Another factor that can affect the cost is the closeness of the”replica” or the cloned app to the original. The closer the “replica” to the original, the higher will be the developing cost that you have to pay. Get your own quote for an app like "Easy Taxi". If we give you the brief idea about the cost to develop an app like "Easy Taxi", it is between $4,000 to $12,000. Inquire more with Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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