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If you are on the lookout for a TV channel that merges the advantages of both satellite TV and cable TV then perhaps Epix is the channel for you. Epix was formally unveiled to the public on October 30, 2009 by its Studio 3 Partners (a group made up of Paramount Pictures/ Viacom) meaning Epix is the newest TV channel in the USA at the moment. Although there is no data to show how much it would cost to develop an Epix-like channel, take note that in the US alone Epix commands the loyalty of 9.5 million subscribers for its pay TV services. Although this makes Epix weaker than the Big Three pay TV powerhouses, it does mean that Epix has the potential of growing faster as far as subcriber base is concerned.

Part of Epix's appeal is that it carries content in both English and Spanish - and the latter language is the first language of choice for many residents of the USA. When necessary, the content has English subtitles even though the language spoken is Spanish, which is beneficial for native English speakers. Another factor that may make Epix more popular is that it has sister channels such as VH1, MTV and Nickelodeon which are all popular with the younger generation nowadays. This means Epix has the potential of drawing in viewers who are loyal to its sister channels.

One reason behind Epix's popularity with millions of subscribers is that the Epix channel has arranged for a supply of film and TV titles with several movie studios (both indie and mainstream). Its parents under the Studio 3 Partners group are also able to supply new and old titles on a regular basis. Also, movies that have already recently aired via theatres are aired on Epix with the time lag between theater releases and pay TV smaller than with Epix competitors.

In addition, other companies complement the Studio 3 Partners' offering such as Nickelodeon Movies, MTV Films, Insurge Pictures, and Paramount Vantage. United Artists, Lions Gate Entertainment, Pantelion Films, and Mandate Pictures are also regular contributors to the Epix line up of titles.

One unique part of the Epix service is that it allows its film titles to be aired via streaming service of This made Epix the pioneer premium network as far as film title streaming is concerned.

But Epix also makes an effort to develop original programming. Examples of this are titles such as the Tough Trade series, and the Stark Raving Black comedy. Besides this, Epix aired other titles under the categories of music specials, comedy, sports and documentaries. Sports programming makes up a huge chunk of Epix offerings, including shows like mixed martial arts tourney Bellator Fighting Championships (shown on the Epix2 multiplex channel), and the heavyweight boxing clash between Odlanier Solis and Vitali Klitschco. Apparently sports is appealing to Epix loyalists because more sports tourneys are in the pipeline such as the documentaries aired to rev support for the 2014 - 2015 season of the National Hockey League beginning with the 2015 Winter Classic.

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