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If you like to find new places for food and entertainment, then maybe Foursquare is the right app for you. The term used by Wikipedia to describe Foursquare is "search and discovery service" app. You can start looking by relying on certain search metrics about what the user is looking for at that time, such as food preferences. These metrics are then paired off with input provided by other users that may be similar and Foursquare then recommends certain places that the user might be interested in, given his current location. At one point, Foursquare had some social networking site functions but lately, such social networking functions have been separated from Foursquare and assigned to Swarm (another app that was designed to be used in tandem with Foursquare).
The Foursquare app was developed by Foursquare Labs, Inc. and can be used with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch gadgets. You will need the iOS 7.0 to run the app. You also have the option of buying the Apple Watch because the app is already pre-installed. Although the headquarters of Foursquare Labs is in New York City, the app is supposed to be useful for users throughout the world. That is why Foursquare is available in different languages, namely, Turkish, Thai, Spanish, Russian,Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, German, French, Catalan, and of course English.
Foursquare was launched in March 11, 2009. At the moment, there are believed to be around 45 million users that rely on Foursquare to help them find great places to eat and be entertained. Half of that user database are said to be located outside the United States. The app can be used with Android and iOS devices. These facts will tell you that Foursquare is a valuable tool in itself and that it is worth its weight in gold (though how much it costs to actually set up a similar app is not easy to come by).
Don't get the idea though that Foursquare's value is restricted to just restaurants and the nightlife. Foursquare can be used to find other places of interest too, as long as you give the right metrics for it to search with. Interestingly, the time of day when you start your search can also influence the search results offered by Foursquare. For instance, if you search at 3pm and bars tend to open in your vicinity at that time then you will probably get more search results compared to starting your search at 10 am.
Security might be a concern for some users - the good news is that Foursquare will not divulge the location of any user for their own safety. So if you want to leave "tips" about a great new eating place or a wonderful park that you have just visited, you can easily do so without fear of leaving "a paper trail", so to speak. This makes it easier to socialize with other Netizens and benefit from each other's experience.
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