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For the benefit of newbies out there, let us define first what Gumtree is. Gumtree is a community website owned by eBay that posts classified ads that community members might be interested in. Some ads are paid for (so that supports the Gumtree service) but there are also ads that are posted for free. Gumtree was formally launched in March 2000.
The value of the Gumtree service is that it does attract a lot of attention from the public. By November 2010, the Gumtree website had already brought in 14.8 million visitors per month. Anyone can see the value of developing your own app similar to Gumtree if this is how you define success. The question though is how useful the ads are to consumers who are looking for stuff to buy - meaning, will your app reap success the same way Gumtree does?
One reason Gumtree is popular is that its service has a global reach. Take note that Gumtree has business in Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Poland and of course the UK. In the USA alone, Gumtree is aiming its service at Polish, British and Australian expatriates numbering around 2 million as of August 2007. There is no telling how many more web surfers will visit the Gumtree website in the near future, but that's how popular the service is.
Gumtree's most popular post topic are consumer goods, followed closely by motors, jobs, and properties. To add to its popularity, Gumtree is also used via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. That explains the sheer numbers of visitors to Gumtree itself. Of course, as with any classified ads service, you will have to be careful when imitating Gumtree that you don't fall victim to the scams that have been carried out on Gumtree in recent years. So you need to guarantee that all the posts on your Gumtree-like site are legit and aboveboard. This is especially true when it is the welfare of the public at stake such as when people look for apartments to rent or automobiles to buy.
According to a post on, one reason Gumtree became such a colossal hit is that it is one of the pioneers in the field of online classifieds. So it became successful because it didn't really have any competitors at that time. To launch your own app like Gumtree you would need to focus on delivering what the public wants which is a safe yet comprehensive classifieds ads listing service. That same source says that Gumtree is valued at US$2.54 million so you can focus on a niche market first if your capital doesn't reach that level yet. And niche marketing is what will help you survive because you would be competing against Gumtree itself (as well as other classified ad listing services out there). Lastly, you will have to rank highly on many search engines so that means SEO and SEM efforts at marketing as well.
The benefits of app like Gumtree is very huge for the customers and that is the only reason why people are using it on daily basis. Hyperlink InfoSystem is an experienced and skilled app development company that provide these kind of app to their clients within time. These kind of apps will cost you around $5000 to $10,000 per platform. Visit us and get a free quote!

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