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Listening to music is a preferred hobby for many people but some people can reach higher by relying on music site This service which was formally launched in 2002 works by keeping track of a user's musical taste by recording details about the previous music titles played. Details such as the artist's name and title of the track help monitor what kind of music the user would probably want to listen to when he logs in again. is said to have "scrobbled" or sent such information to its database sourced from the music player of the user. Each send is a "scrobble" in wordspeak.
The music player that is used influences the scrobble process, because only MusicBee, Amarok, Clementine, Spotify, or Rdio are affiliated with Use of the music player requires use of a plugin for the scrobble to proceed. Listening to the music itself can be done via your portable music gadget, or through your personal computer. You can even rely on Internet music channels to listen to the music itself. You can register into the site at no charge though you also have the option of subscribing to the service if that is preferable.
Because of the vast popularity and even potential of, it is not surprising that the service was sold to CBS Interactive for 140 million British pounds (equal to 280 million US dollars) in 2007. By 2011, over 50 billion "scrobbles" were said to have been done through In 2009, there are believed to have been 30 million people actively using
The website has similarities to social networking sites also which is great if you are the type who likes to share music with others, no matter how obscure or dated the artist's work is. And because you can share music with others, you can also share your opinion about other people's type of music through the website. Examples of information you could share are music genres, titles that others might prefer to listen to, and even entire albums that you have listened to before. Radio Streaming was formerly offered on but has been discontinued already. has a multilingual database so you might be able to find artists from your country as well as songs that are in your native language. You can find songs in languages such as Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish and German.
Although has a loyal user base, it is no stranger to controversy such as this August 2015 when it unveiled a new website format that drew criticism from some users. The new website was in beta version when it was launched so it is not surprising that there were features that needed to be tweaked or that it had bugs that required fixing. Some users were so disgruntled about the changes that they opted to publicly announce that they would no longer support the website and its service.
If you are planning to launch your own app like then you will get whatever you have read above. You must be wondering about the cost of developing an app like Don’t worry Hyperlink InfoSystem is here to help you. The approx. cost of developing an app like is around $3000 to $12,000 per platform. Get in touch with us for more details!

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