How Much Does An App Like Ubereats Cost?

Cost of An App Like UberEATS and Unique Features By Hyperlink Infosystem


What is UberEATS?

Uber launches its new app UberEATS that is not about getting a ride.It is a new food-ordering application.
It will you order food efficiently, with the added plus that you can track its progress from the moment you tap a button till it comes at your door.
It is a service that can be ingressed by just about anyone with the help of a smartphone, and its benefit is what has caused it to become so popular in many countries all over the world.
This service allows customers to order hot repast from local restaurants and have them delivered right to wherever they are.
To Order UberEATS is just as easy as requesting a ride.Using Uber Eats is a very simple process, mainly if you already use the Uber application for your transport.
You have need to do is open the Uber app and select the repast icon at the top. After enter your location, and then tap view menu to place an order. Your repast will then be on the curbside within a matter of just minutes.
As far as pricing is covered, there are a just number of repast options that all have changing prices.There is a set delivery fee that will remain the same whether you order one or more meal at a time.

How It Works?

1) Prepared in Kitchen
2) Put it in temperature-controlled bags
3) Delivered instantly

Features :


1. Say Goodbye to Long Wait Times:

When we go to order food for delivery, we are usually on the border of famine. The typical thirty minutes to an hour hold-up time that delivery services offer can be alike a disgusting.
No one wants to wait that long for their food to reach! Only having to wait 10 minutes seems a lot more logical.

2.We Will Get to Eat Epicure Fast Food:

UberEats offers a huge variety of food selection that other food delivery services do not, as their menu will show. Some dishes the app offered to bring to you in 10 to 15 minutes included cheese and chocolate potato chip cookies. Talk about tasty!

3.It's Going to Make Work Lunches a Lot More Sufficient:

UberEats gives lunch, brunch, and dinner services. Now you have actual delicious and tasty food options. Many of us do not have time to take a proper lunch break throughout,the work day this will allow you to eat very well.

4. You Can Order Your Food Faster:

Uber's food delivery service takes place through the main app, it saves a lots of time for the customer, mainly in phrase of payment. This feature will remove that pain and make ordering just as easy as eating!

5. You Can set a reminder for Yourself for future meals on the menu:

There are two ways to do this,
1. by adding your email address, which will send an email indicate 1 or 2 hour before the meal time begin.
2. through an convertible calendar notification which will add directly to your Google Calendar, or Outlook calendar.
The UberEats app is really a great help mainly to the working peoples. So after seeing the benefits of this App, Hyperlink Infosystem proposed to have an app like the same which will cost you around $7,000 to $15,000. Contact us for the cost estimation of a food app like this UberEATS app.

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