How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Uber?

The Cost of App Development Like Uber

You must have already heard about the development of the taxi app and for now, you’ll be amazed how the Uber app can help the driver and the passenger have a pleasant trip. Well, to those who still don’t have an idea what a Uber app is, let me start by giving you a brief definition or description about Uber.
Uber is a Smartphone application which was created or developed to connect the passengers and the drivers, driving a vehicle for hire. With this application, the passengers choose the kind of car they are comfortable to ride, they also decide the exact place where they can be picked up and also gives the exact address where they want to be dropped.
To give efficient services to their passengers, Uber categorizes their cars in 5, these are The Black Car, The Uber Taxi, Uber X, SUV and the LUX.
Uber has a dual app structure that the company follows. Uber is an application and a business rolled into one. One of the apps is for the customer’s use, which you can get at the app stores and the other app is for the driver which is already installed on the iPhone. What the cab driver should do then is to register with Uber so that he can access Uber easily.
The Uber’s customer app has many features which some people have not yet known. However, even if some people are not yet aware of the Uber’s customer app, this particular app is already making our lives easier each day. The Uber’s customer app includes the sign-up/login feature and a link to the payment method you preferred to use. It has also a map, the pick-up and drop-off location that you choose the fare quotations and many more useful features.
Other features you can enjoy with the Uber application are:
Uber Pool - allows the user to share a ride with another person who happens to be going the same route that you’re taking.
Split Fare - allows you to share the cost or the fare with another person traveling the same route you’re going.
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) - as you share the ride and cost of fare with another person, you also shared the estimated time of arrival to your destination.
Uber has also the Uber’s driver application which has all the important features that can give your passengers a safe and smooth ride. The Uber’s driver app also requires the driver to register and create his profile before he starts driving. The registered driver has the final say for all his trips. He can accept a trip, request or cancel a trip for whatever reasons he has in mind.
So everything above you can get in your app if you are planning to launch your own app like Uber. You must be wondering what would be the cost of an App like Uber? Hyperlink Infosystem can give a rough idea of the cost of an App like Uber. The Cost of an App like Uber lies between $6000 to $17000 depending upon the features and functionality of your App. Contact us to get a quick free quote now.

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