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To start off, it is pertinent to note that TVCatchup is an Internet TV service that limits its coverage to the UK alone. It functions like a cable service by allowing consumers to watch TV programs previously aired on Channel 4 and 5, as well as on ITV and BBC.If you want to catch certain TV programs that are being re-aired on TVCatchup, you would do well to invest in smartphones that can access the service - otherwise you can rely on desktop computers for accessing TVCatchup through browsers.
TVCatchup is advertising supported and has a wide base of support (as of October 2013, it had almost 10 million viewers that regularly accessed its service). One reason for its popularity is the record TV feature that was previously removed back in 2008 – apparently TVCatchup returned that feature online in 2010. One way that TVCatchup is trying to gain a broader customer base is by permitting access on various technology such as Windows Phone 8, Kindle HD Fire, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iOS. It is important to have the right browser for these technologies if you intend to watch its programs. You can also access TVCatchup via PS4. In addition, you are required to own a UK TV license if you plan to use TVCatchup in the UK.
If you intend to set up a service similar to TVCatchup, you may want to consider which locations within the UK to set up your service in. You may also want to consider closely which UK channels you would be airing via your service. If you find the competition to be too intense and restrictive (if you concentrate on UK consumers only), then you may want to look for other markets to set up your service in. You might look for other customer bases in Europe, for example - or you could go further and concentrate on the Asian market. The trouble with focusing on UK only is that it is a saturated market already. Developing economies such as the Philippines may be more lucrative for you, compared to the Western markets. However, the advantage when you have TVCatchup is that you can learn from their mistakes and copy its strategy for whichever market you will focus on.
A point in favor of developing economies like the Philippines is that Filipinos enjoy watching Western shows a great deal. So you can bring in content that other channels in the Philippines don't carry. You could also bring in popular programs from local channels to air online. You may find it to your advantage to check out popular shows that originate from the Philippines if you are doing your homework. The same holds true for other shows that are Asian in origin - you just need to be first to be able to gain a foothold in the market. Once you have captured the public's imagination, the sky is the limit to your success. So develop and deliver the best from the best renowned company like Hyperlink InfoSystem. We offer the best app like TV Catchup in $4000 to $15,000 per platform. Contact us for more details!

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