How Much Does It Cost To Develop Mobile Wallet Application For iOS And Android

The increase in the use of mobile applications has turned our lifestyle from analog to digital. Today, where the universe is getting widely social, technology plays a crucial role to turn our focus from boring web to exciting mobile app. Consumers are heavily getting dependent on mobile apps for their daily activities. In such scenario, where the application is getting more augmented, the inception of mobile wallet adds all the conventional wallet properties that become one of the most important parts of portfolio bags for majority retail and financial companies. A mobile wallet can turn any smartphone device into an interactive application that makes the world of payment faster and more rewarding.

The application belongs to mobile recharge and wallet app category. It brings users, retailers, and service providers all together to carry out their business effectively. Here, users can pay for mobile phones and other utilities and avail discount vouchers and coupons for the same. All these operations are done hassle free and within few taps.

Some Key Features Of Mobile Wallet Application:
1. Easy tap option to perform various recharge like mobile, data cards and to pay various bills like electricity, mobile, gas etc.
2. Booking of bus and flight tickets, hotel bookings etc.
3. Make hassle free payment by adding the amount in a mobile wallet.
4. Easy and secure payment options like mobile wallet, debit/credit card, and net banking.
5. Integration of cashback system by promotional offers through promo codes.

How Much Would It Cost To Develop Mobile Wallet Application?

1. App Development Platforms (Android, iOS or Windows):
Depends on platforms and application complexities, the cost of app development varies.

2. Application Design:
An app with higher user engagement is quite essential for mobile wallet application design. Best UX experience is quite significant to increase user retention rate. Application design should be such that comfort users to browse the app and later convert your app into addiction. However, such app design needs advanced tools and technologies that undoubtedly increase cost but still worth investing.

3. Application Size:
App size defines how many features and modules you will integrate into the app. You can reduce your app size by enabling only recharge facility in the initial version of the app. Generally, app size creates a great impact on overall mobile app development cost.

4. App Development Team:
Charges of development team vary as per their knowledge, experience, and app complexities.

How Hyperlink Infosystem Helps You To Develop Mobile Wallet Application?

Mobile wallet app is an interface that connects offline services with online generation. Mobile wallet apps are predicted to drive the future of payment mechanism and we are the creators of the future. We have a team of experienced developers and a creative designing team that highly efficient to convert your raw idea into the best serviceable application. Established in 2011, the company has achieved great success in delivering best industry solution for startups, small business and many enterprises across the globe. Development of on-demand application, Library and API development and third-party tools integration are some of our expert areas. Our portfolio bag consists of 1000+ applications covering all niches and domains. Contact us now to develop mobile wallet app with us.

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Process We follow

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