How Much Does An App Like Pandora Radio Cost?

 Know the cost to develop an App clone of Pandora Radio.

Pandora is a free internet radio, which is modified to make it more personalized. After turning on, the user will just type a song or artist. For example, if the user types “Bee Gees” then click the “create” button he will then be directed to a radio station “Bee Gees Radio”. All songs that will be played will all be the same kind of songs that the “Bee Gees” will sing.
Pandora Radio is an app where the users can listen to customized music based on the user’s artist selection. However, this app is available only in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The users can rate the songs or give their positive or negative feedbacks for each song which the service provides. It would be thumbs up or thumbs down feedback which will be used for future referencing. Pandora will also enable the user to play only his favorite music.
This personalized internet radio station is powered by the Music Genome Project. The project started 10 years ago to get the intricate musical DNA of songs played by a team of expert musicians.
The service provides different music styles to create a probable design or configuration, with these; they listed 400 specifications for every song which is compared to the listener favorite songs to recommend other songs which have the features. 
Pandora app fits well in the car where car users would always enjoy music streaming as they drive. Mobile apps are already fast moving; from the phones it has already been installed in the cars and already used at home.
As the users listen, they have the option to buy the songs or the albums at different online retailers. There are 400 different songs to choose when you’re selecting the next song to play. These are combined to form a bigger group which is called the focus traits.
There are two subscription plans to choose: The free subscription, which is supported by an advertisement and the fee-based subscription without advertisements.
The cost of developing an app like Pandora Radio would depend on the features that you would like to be added to your app.
Using the Pandora can make you enjoy listening to your favorite music because there will be no interruption as you listen to your favorite music. For instance, there will be no ads that will interrupt your listening activity. There will be more skips and less time-out giving you a longer period of listening to your favorite songs. The free account of Pandora allows 6 skips per hour for every station, giving the user a total of 24 skip every day.
Pandora users can use it for free at home-listening devices and mobile devices. 

Cost to develop an App like Pandora Radio:

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