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The company SoundHound Inc. is the muscle behind the music recognition software also called SoundHound. SoundHound (dubbed a music search engine on Wikipedia) was previously known as Midomi but was renamed in December 2010. The value of SoundHound is that you can find a piece of music using it by just singing some words and notes, or even by just humming the melody. That is why it is called a music recognition software - it can be said to be an iteration of voice recognition technology. Of course, if you have the music file ready you can also use it with SoundHound software to find the music as well.
The value of knowing how much it cost to develop SoundHound to commercial level is that at one point it became the most highly-priced app for iPads. So it makes sense why others would want to emulate SoundHound's success. After all, by 2012 more than 100 million people were using SoundHound already throughout the world. This increased to more than 260 million consumers all over the world by June 2015. Nowadays, SoundHound can be purchased via Windows Phone Store, Google Play and the Apple App Store. However, SoundHound Inc. is very careful not to divulge details about their SoundHound software, with much of their research and development shrouded in secrecy - and that includes the cost of development. SoundHound has some rivals already in this field which explains the stealth. However, one clue is that SoundHound Inc. was able to get capital of $40 million from investors such as Translink Capital, Walden Venture Capital, and Felicis Ventures.
The popularity of SoundHound is impressive so it is not surprising that the software was adapted for the bluetooth smart watch named Casio G-Shock back in 2014. Later that year the software was also adapted for use in the Hyundai 2015 Genesis auto model and certain Kia automobile models. An interesting deviation is the Hound software which was released for a second time in June 2015 and whose Speech to Meaning technology is also similar to the SoundHound software. As with the SoundHound, the Hound technology remains a well-kept secret zealously guarded over by SoundHound Inc. Perhaps the only problem for SoundHound Inc. is finding more investors willing to foot the bill of research and development for more voice recognition technology. But the success of SoundHound speaks volumes for investors so most likely more venture capitalists will be agitating to award more funds to SoundHound Inc. to come up with more winning products and services.
Music recognition seems to be important for many consumers which explains the acceptance of the technology for wearables and automobiles. The music recognition technology of SoundHound had its roots in the voice recognition technology developed by its founder back when he was in college. Nowadays, voice recognition technology is becoming more common among consumer devices so it would be nice to find out how else SoundHound will evolve. It's only a matter of time before voice recognition technology and music search engines like SoundHound become as common among consumers as smartphones are.
Developing SoundHound app might be expensive as well as difficult at some point, but you can make a clone app like SoundHound which covers almost all the features of it and even cost you within your budget around $4500 to $12,000 per platform. Hyperlink InfoSystem helps you in developing an app like SoundHound that can help you to recover your maximum cost and which turn into a profitable app. Contact us now!

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