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Music is one of the most profitable commodities nowadays which may explain why the MixVibes company developed the Cross DJ app (otherwise known more simply as Cross). One of the reasons Cross is so popular is that it is a digital vinyl software that is used for DJ mixing. Clubs throughout the world can thrive if they have the right technology to play music with and Cross is the solution for many DJs out there. Not surprisingly, MixVibes has focused its business on development and sales of Cross software.

The Cross software comes in several versions, namely, Cross, CrossDJ, CrossDJ LE, CrossDJ for iPad, CrossDJ Remotes, and CrossDJ Free. One positive in its favor is that Cross can be played on either PCs or Mac platforms - and it is equally favorable that you can manipulate Cross software either with a mouse or with a touchscreen. You can also get an Android-based version of Cross if necessary.

It is hard to find information on how much it costs to produce the CrossDJ app. However, a visit to this site will show three ways to acquire the app. The Free plan is available either for Mac platform or for Windows platform. The CrossDJ "Get in Control" plan will allow you to get the app for $49 or 49 euros, or as a full video-in app for just $29 or 29 euros. The high-end "full pro DJ software" plan costs $129 or 129 euros, and then $89 or 89 euros for the upgrade. The cost of acquiring Cross is probably dependent on your music mixing requirements, as some customers might be novices just venturing into DJ mixing while others might be more experienced DJs who need more high-end features to produce better music.

Another advantage of using CrossDJ is that you can actually use your CD collection to be mixed with your vinyl records to come up with unique mixes. This kind of integration is useful because you need not worry that you have to choose between each iteration of technology for producing new club mixes.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of CrossDJ software is that it allows musicians to use old-fashioned vinyl records for their club mixes, while capitalizing on the positives of relying on digital technology to produce high-end music with a professional flair. There are also a lot of other features that may lure music aficionados who want to try their hand at mixing music. MixVibes itself has around 15 years of experience in developing music mixing technology so it may explain why they have been able to produce a quality product like Cross over the years.

Cross has been around since 2008 so it says a lot for MixVibes that there is still demand for this kind of DJ mixing software. You may be relieved to know that Cross has been developed specifically for Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. You just have to be definite about which platform you will use when you shop for Cross.

So it’s important to choose the company like Hyperlink InfoSystem that is having experienced team of developers. That company will help you in developing the best app like CrossDJ within your budget. Our developers will help you in giving you the approximate idea about cost to develop an app like CrossDJ. The ball-park amount of developing an app like CrossDJ is approximately $6000 to $15,000 per platform. It differs from platform to platform. Contact us to know more on this!

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